Felted Clogs question

I am loving all those felted clogs that everyone is making. I just wanted to know where you got the pattern at? I would love for it to be free somewhere but I would pay for it because they are adorable!

Thanks all :thumbsup:

I’m assuming that you’re talking about the FiberTrends Clogs.
It’s not available online. $5 at your LYS.

I haven’t made them yet, but i did get the pattern. :slight_smile:

Thats what I needed to know - Thanks!

I bought my pattern on ebay.

It IS available online. I got mine at One Fine Yarn. They are apparently out of stock, but you can be put on the wait list. You can also order them online at Noble Knits and they appear to be in stock.

I got mine at Rams, $7 CAD {not sure what it is in USD though}, and they do online ordering. I bought the adult and the kid’s sizes.

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These clogs are so awesome! I am only a beginning knitter so what I am wondering is…would these be out of my league? How complicated is the pattern?

I would love to make these if I could!

They’re not really difficult. The pattern is pretty well written, and you do have to pay CLOSE attention. There are lots of short rows, and they tell you how to do them, you have decreases and increases, picking up stitches and such, but if you know the basics, it’s doable. There’s always abundant help here, too. They are fun to make–watching them turn into clogs makes you really appreciate the designer.