Felted Clogs by Mail

I just ordered a ton of WOTA from Knitpicks; I’m going to make the fiber trends clogs for my far-and-away family for christmas gifts. I’m not sure how to go about the felting process: Should I felt them and hope they fit when they arrive? Should I let the giftees felt their own? Will it work if I felt them most of the way, and tell them to wet them, and shape them to their feet to let dry? Opinions, please!

Hmm… I’d felt them to their approximate shoe size (if you know it), and finish them. Supposedly, they will continue to form themselves to the wearer’s feet as they’re worn.

OMG…the HILARITY of them opening the package of your MONSTROUS unfelted clogs! That picture of the clog and the shoe still cracks me up. I think it would be a cool way to get them to be interested in knitting and felting if you include the instructions on a pretty card and let them felt them themselves. and make sure someone takes a picture of them with their monstrous clogs.

(ya know everybody imagines hugely too big clothes that someone knitted for them when thinking of homemade gifts!)

i just think it would be fun to send them to them like that!

Aren’t those felted clogs great! I made a pair for my cousin (I knew she wore size 6, as I do so I stuck my foot in it to see if I was in the ballpark) but wrote her a note saying that if they don’t fit, to wet them, stick her feet in them and stretch them if necessary. When my other relatives saw the clogs, they were hinting so I guess that’s what I’ll make for Chrismas gifts. I thought that I would felt them and tell them to wet them and size the clogs - unless somebody comes up with a better idea.

I was thinking of sending the clogs unfelted, but thought that they might not appreciate the mess, plus the washer I have now felts things so quickly (about 5 min. in warm water and DH’s blue jeans)


I say send them unfelted with a pretty card, as suggested above. It will be funny and fun for the recipient.

This intrigue me so I looked up the felted clogs and liked them. I even went to the only yarn store in town listed to have the pattern and they were sold out. So any suggestions about the best place to get the pattern? These clogs will make fantastic Xmas gifts. This site is so informative–I just love it!!!

here is a thread that talks about them check out the picture about halfway down on the first page…it STILL makes me giggle!

I think sending it unfelted is totally the way to go! I think people would appreciate them that much more in thier “unfinished” state. Plus it would allow you to geek out on a cool instruction card you could print from your pc.