Felted Clogs are getting me down!

I’ve just come back to knitting after a 20 year break. Decided to try to FT felted clog pattern, as I used to have a (shop-bought) pair of these that were great. However, the pattern is getting the better of me, and it’s my first time on circular needles too. After several ripping back sessions, I decided to look for some help here.

I think I’m going wrong on the w&t. I get the shape, but my work ends up holey and I’m not getting the right number of stitches. The instructions for the w&t looked straightforward, and I followed them to a T. Then I looked at the instruction video on this site, which showed turning the work before wrapping the stitch. I also didn’t get from the pattern about putting the needle through the wrap plus the stitch, which I guess makes a big difference. Can anyone explain this technique to me in simple terms?

I’m also having a hard time counting my stitches when I lose track of where I am. I guess I can’t recognize the “landmarks” in this new pattern. I’ve just come from knitting socks on size 2 dpns, which were a breeze compared with this. However, I really, really want to do these clogs. Can someone point me in the right direction? Since this thread is so big, my questions may have been answered already, but I don’t want to spend hours sitting here reading all the posts. I’d rather be knitting!

BTW, I’m working them in Cascade 220.

I’m doing them in Cascade myself, right now.

I think you’re confused because the wrap video on this site is not the same as what the pattern is asking you for–the pattern’s more simple, and will produce a bigger hole, but I promise from experience that the hole felts right out. All you do is slip a stitch from the left needle to the right one, bring the working yarn forward, and slip the stitch back again. Then you turn and just start knitting.

I have a hard time recognizing where I am if I lose track on this one, too. I saw on the big FT clogs thread that several people were using post-it notes to stay on the right line or photocopying the pattern and crossing out each step as they did it. I was able to stay on track fairly well through my first pair, but I’ve been more distracted with the second and had to rip back a row occasionally. Sorry I don’t have more ideas on that one.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I use post-it notes, too. And when the sticky wears off, I hold them in place with a paperclip. Being able to keep your place on the pattern is a sanity saver.

It also takes knitting one pair for the pattern to make sense and for you to recognize where you are. On my first pair, I made mistakes all over the place (but they were for me, so I didn’t care). I inadvertently knit left and right clogs. (It’s actually cool, but how I did it is a mystery.)

I use a dry erase marker to cross out the rows as I finish them it will wipe right off the plastic sleeve when you are done.

SMART!! I’m gonna try that! :muah: