Felted Clog Question

I posting this in the Felted Clog Thread, but never got a response. I just bought the Fiber Trends Felt Clog pattern and am planning on making several for Christmas gifts. My question is… since they are for other people, how do you know when to stop felting? I have scanned the other related threads and haven’t seen this addressed… so maybe I am being dense…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Good question.

You need to have an idea of the size feet of your recipients, then check this to judge the length of said shoe size. You can knit the clogs according to the size in the pattern (women’s 6, 8, 10, men’s 11, 12), then as you felt, measure the length until they are the approximate size… (hint: felt in a pillowcase tied at one end to save your washer from too much lint - and there will be lots of it).

This is just theory on my part, having knit these only for my DH and myself so far.

Have fun - these a fast knit and come out great! What yarn and colors are you using?

What some people have done is to wrap/send them unfelted with instructions on how to felt them for a personal fit. Someone even had a cute little note that went with them because they look so silly before felting. :teehee:

it ruins the surprise a bit but what I did from Christmas 2005 was asked my family to send me:

  1. their foot measurements (heel to tip of longest toe and width at widest part), for the bigger foot if they’re different sized ('cuz mine are)
  2. an outline of their larger foot

while felting, I measured every so often and stopped AFTER (smaller than) the measurements, because my own clogs stretched a lot from wearing.

Thanks everyone for the chart and the suggestions. They really helped! I have my pattern and some great yarn for the first pair for my son. I am going to use Cascade Quatro in Antigua for the top Cascade 220 Heathers in Peacock for the bottoms and trim.

Thanks again!

On the needles:
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