Felted Clog Pattern

I am an advanced beginner, and would love to make a pair of adult felted clogs. First, a couple of questions…are they difficult? And second does anyone have a free pattern? Or a link to a good pattern online?

I think the pattern done in this knit alongis generally considered THE pattern to do. I haven’t done any yet but from everything i have heard they are super easy and the pattern is “brilliant” i have heard. It isn’t available for free anywhere (legally anyway) but I think it is probably well worth the $5 you will find it for in stores.

Thanks Brenda, that’s the one I’ve seen all over. I was just checking to see if there was anything better or free!

There ARE free slipper patterns, but that one is the one most everyone uses. I don’t know if I’ve seen a free clog pattern though. :thinking:

Someday I’m going to try these. (not clogs)
Family of Slippers

what is the pattern name?
thank you.

what is the pattern name?

The pattern for $5.00 is called Fiber Trend Clogs. Pretty much every LYS has the pattern, and I am a sometimes advanced, sometimes backwards begining knitter :teehee: and I’ll tell you what this pattern is great!!! It basically works itself. My first one took 5 hours, and I’ve gotten down to close to 3 hours per clog. :happydance: :happydance:

I knitted these as a fairly new knitter and I have to say that the first clog was a challenge as I learned to do new methods; and tend to be a perfectionist. Getting past row 2 was difficult at first as one can lose one’s place with any mind wanderings or interruptions. As you learn knit stitch and pattern recognition, you can continue without the “lost my place and rip” syndrome. But it is very much fun. I have knitted at least 13 of these pairs and to this day, it still takes me about a day per clog. But that’s with taking care of other things during the day and breaks. Wow, some folks must really knit faster than I do!!! LOL!