Felted cloche pattern

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a felted cloche pattern. The very classic 1920s kind that are flat in the back but have a little brim in the front. Here are some examples…

I’m thinking of cutting all my hair off and a cloche would be perfect! It doesn’t need to be a free pattern, it can be in a book or anything.

Thanks for the help everyone!

These are crochet, if that’s what you’re into.

Here’s a really cute one that I’ve been thinking about knitting! I hope you make it and share lots of pics!

There is also a very cute one in the new book Felt Frenzy. Though I wouldn’t add the eyelash yarn that they included, the shape of the hat is very nice. Plus, there are 2 or 3 seriously freaking cool felted bag patterns in there as well :wink: The hat that is on the cover is not the cloche pattern, though it’s cute as well. In fact, none of the patterns shown in the “look inside” section are the ones I’m in love with, though honestly I can see myself eventually making at least a dozen projects in this book, hee.

Unfortunately, I can’t crochet at all! I keep trying but I just can’t get it down. Those are really cute though, thanks.

Brandyilyne: Thanks for the great patterns! I’m going to check the one out in the felted book. FYI, I ran to Barnes and Noble super quick and checked out their books and found something I’m considering in a book called “Felt It!”

Before I decide I want to check out the book you recommended. I always hate buying pattern books when there’s only one or two patterns I would want to make, as is the case with the book I found.

Anytime :slight_smile: And I hear you on carefully inspecting the books before you buy! I did exactly that with the Felt Frenzy book. I was in a funky little knitting store on a college campus and they had a sample of the multi pocketed bag knit up on display. I flipped through the book quickly and then came home and checked it out from the library. A more careful perusal let me know I neeeeeeded to buy that book, hee. I hate to buy an entire book for one pattern too. I’m already planning on the aforementioned bag, the cloche and the cute messenger bag for Christmas gifts! Plus, the trapezoid bag and the felted slippers are calling my name :lol:

Not to mention, it gave me the idea to purposely felt this very cool fair isle sweater I found at the thrift store ($1!!!) into a purse as well! I swear, felting is addictive :teehee:

Now I’m off to check out the book you mentioned too!

Here is one that I like.