Felted catnip mouse (AKA Marty Feltman)


The perfect knit in public project since essentially you have a mouse hanging from your needles, especially during the Icord tail. Lots of strange looks from spectators for sure.
Marty is stuffed with cotton balls and organic catnip and my kitty thinks he’s the best.

That’s adorable, and I love the name, too!

:teehee: He’s really cute! My daughter’s cat keeps ripping the tails off her mice so maybe I’ll try one of these for her.

Ah! I love it!! I had to giggle when I thought of people watching you as the mouse dangled from your needles :teehee:

That is the cutest thing! Wish I still had a cat…

Adorable. My cat would love that.:heart:

Yea really cute, just for my cat …lol

He is cute and I have plenty of catnip in the yard for stuffing, Thank you for sharing.

Ooh, very cute! I’ll have to whip up a couple for my kitties :slight_smile:

That is sooo adorable! What a perfect small on the go project. I can’t wait to make some for my kitties now :slight_smile:

Oh how cute!!!

Very cute! I love knitted toys!