Felted camera bag?

Hi all!

I’m looking for a pattern for a felted camera bag for a little digi (3-1/2 x 2-1/2 x 1-1/2 in.) i am quite sure i could just conjure something up, but i am hesitant for 2 reasons, so help with those would be equally as good as a pattern. :wink:

  1. I would like a drawstring closure and I am not sure how to do that. I know there is a pattern for a little drawstring pouch in last minute knitted gifts, and i have that, but i wasn’t sure about adding felting into the mix…

  2. I still am not very good at calculating feltage, how much bigger do i make it to ensure i have the right size finished project?

i am figuring on using size 13 needles and a double strand of wool for thickness and durability (where could I have gotten that idea from? ;-)), but if you guys have something great, i’m open to anything.

thanks! :slight_smile:

I don’t have a pattern but I can address the drawstring thing. In the last felted purse I made it had eyelets that ran around the middle to thread the ribbion through. Pre-felting I took 4 strands of cotton yarn, ran it through all of the eyelets and tied it in a knot. This kept the holes from felting closed. Depending on the size of the holes you may need more or less yarn to keep them open. Good luck!!

that absolutely fabulous purple and green one with the bow that i’ve been raving about to anyone who will listen? :wink: (I LOVE THAT BAG!)

so then hypothetically, i would just do the YOs for the eyelets and then could make an icord maybe? was the bow a long icord?

in reading your message, the entire pattern has formed in my head and i’m excited. i think i’m going to make it with a real bottom using DPNs instead of flat, so now i just need to find out felting proportions… is there a key or any guidelines for that or does it go back to the art not a science?

well i think it goes back to figuring out your yarn. take the yarn you are going to use and do a swatch. measure before and after so you can determine the size needed.

i would think that the icord wouldn’t have to be toooo long since you are going to be cinching it anyway. of course if you are going to felt the icord you will have to adjust for that (though i think the opposing textures could be kind of fun.)

The way the eylets were done in the purse was worked over 100 stitches…

Row 1: *k1, yo, yo, k1, k2tog; repeat from * to end of round
Row 2: k1, *k1 dropping the extra wrap from the needle, k3; repeat from * to end of round ending with k2

The pattern called for rick rack or ribbon but I didn’t want to go there so I just knitted and felted a three stitch i-cord instead.

The felting again, like srendajos said, is all about your yarn. Mmmmmmalabrigo is so yummy and felts up quickly (I just made a Booga with this) and the Sierra I used on the green & purple purse took forever to felt.

Definatley keep track of the pattern - if it works out you could submit it to knitty! :slight_smile: :happydance:

Good luck!