Felted Camellia (Noni bags) +

Hi guys! Well, as I said in my other post, I’m knitting more felted items than anything else…

This is my latest FO. The Camellia from ‘Nonibags’. I used WotA (Natural) dyed with Pink Lemonade Kool-Aid. The bag in the last pic was knitted with Berkshire (in chocolate), from Valley Yarns (which I love!).

I made one big pic following the whole process. It was easy to show to friends, et…ehehee… :wink:

Thanks for looking! :heart:

That flower is amazing! No wonder you’re hooked on felting. :thumbsup:

That looks fabulous! Great job!

Thanks guys! :heart: That Camellia pattern is really fun! Almost like learning a new technique with endless possibilities… :XX:

That’s fabulous! :cheering:

Looks great! :inlove: And I love the step by step photos!

I’ve heard that sometimes the whites and naturals don’t felt. It’s so great to know that the WOTA Natural will felt so beautifully. Now i have to make another order to KnitPicks because I’ve already got the Kool-Aid!

:smiley: Absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love, love that shade of pink :wink:

That’s awesome! Love the flower.

OMG that’s gorgeous!!! Where is the patern from?

I really love it :heart: :heart: :heart:

Cute bag and that flower is just gorgeous!!

Just beautiful. So artistic. I really like the felted flower accent. :thumbsup:


I really, really like the combination of pink and chocolate (what doesn’t go with chocolate?!)

You should be very proud of that - well knit! :cheering:

Just incredible! I like the flower both pre and post-felting!

Bee-U-tiful! :smiley:

Thank you so much, guys! :blush: :heart: :heart:

The camellia is a Nonibags pattern( www.nonibags.com )… you can buy at you LYS or www.yarnzilla.com I’m sure other places that sell patterns carry too…

The pattern is really fun to do!

Looks great!

Great job! :thumbsup:

I think I’m going to be getting these patterns for my store. :happydance: I’m so glad you pointed them out totalele! Very cool stuff.

Glad I could be of assistance… :happydance: :smiley: :heart:

ETA: I would love to get from you in the future! :cheering: