Felted Bowls

Has anybody made felted bowls? I keep seeing these popping up everywhere, and I think it would be fun to knit some (and good practice for me to try switching yarn colors, too), but I was wondering what you might do with them once they’re finished.

Oh, yeah, that Mason Dixon book has a pattern for those, but in their book they are actually square. I started on one and got to the end and was sewing up the sides and then I screwed up and now its in a bag under the couch!! They said to put CD’s in them or your keys, just odds and ends I guess.

I want to make one to put my jewelry/watch in. You could also make one for knitting notions, paper clips, business cards, coupons, sunglasses, tea bags (new ones!)… :thumbsup:

I made one I use as a vase.

I want to try the one in Mason Dixon. I just got it for my birthday!!! Cool gift, eh? Get the thing out from under the couch and finish. Looks like you can’t go wrong on these. Put it together and felt it, okay? It’ll change shape in the felting anyway and you can then shape it the way you want. If it is a little wonky it will just be more charming. I’m waiting to see a photo! Felt it, girl!!! :smiley: samm

How cool is that!!! :inlove:

I just saw at the shop today a really kewl book on Mobieus Knitting, they had some ‘knifty’ ways of making felted boots into containers as well…hmmm, must try that soon…love the flower pot!

Rhy :XX:

There is a new pattern herehttp://www.knitpicks.com/Projects/Projects_Display_Yarn.aspx?itemid=50487220&yarnid=5420143. It uses KP’s handpainted sock yarn so the bowls look sorta like pottery. I am going to buy this pattern with my next order. They look nice and will make nice Christmas gifts.

I’ve been wanting to make one of these felted bowls for a while now! I just can’t decide on which pattern… I really like the ones that Patternworks had in their latest catalog. I think it’s one the pack page…