Felted balls

hrmmm…there has to be a better subject line than that…anyway…

this last weekend when i was out shopping with friends i found a ball that looked pretty obviously felted to me. Didn’t look like it naturally came like that because there were different colors throughout the ball. also it didn’t look knitted in anyway. …the color variations were very random and not at all straight “rows.” I did some googling but couldn’t come up with a good way to search for a “pattern.”

now does ANYBODY have an idea of what i am talking about. they looked like those balls people keep in bowls as centerpieces on their tables but they were definitely felted wool. i didn’t even see any sort of seam in them.

soooo that being said, does anybody have an idea of how to make one?..lol

yeah i should have taken a picture but it didn’t cross my mind at the time…sigh

You can hand felt wool using warm water and a little soap. Now this is carded or combed wool top, NOT wool yarn. There was a section on this on DIY’s Jewelry Making show, wherethey made felted beads the same way. :thumbsup:

oooooooooooooooh yeah…that looks about right! thank ya ma’am! now i just hafta find that stuff to play with…

Hildie bought some hand-felting needles in Geneva, I think…

Martha has felted balls for a cat on her web page. you lys might have felting supplies. mine do

I did buy felting needles, but I don’t think you’d use them to make felted balls; they’re more for adding super fine details to something else. ANYWAY, I experimented with making some felted balls using directions on this site and let my niece “help”. We made a big mess, and most of our balls were lumpy, but it was fun.

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:blush: lol…busted :roflhard:

Just a question – Why won’t this work with yarn? :?? When I was making flowers, included in the pattern were instructions for making wool beads out of yarn. You knit a little rounded cover and stuff it with a long tail of yarn… They felted fine.

Couldn’t you wind a ball of yarn with different colored layers and then felt it in a stocking? If you could actually get a multicolored ball, you could slice them to make geode kind of buttons or abstract flowers :thinking:

I should try and see – I just have so much yarn and don’t want to develope a wool roving addiction, too! :rofling:

Karen W.

Well, I’m not sure, but I don’t think that the entire ball of yarn would felt… just the outer layers… maybe you’d be able to peel off the felted part and be left with a smaller ball of yarn. :thinking: ewwww and how would it dry? stinky! The roving is a lot thinner, so it felts together better, maybe. Silver? Any thoughts?

Jouf posted this in the pattern forum! Very cool! Thanks Jouf!!! :slight_smile:

Hildie bought some hand-felting needles in Geneva, I think…

What are hand-felting needles? I’m picturing standing at the bathroom sink filled with hot water, putting your fo in it and poking at it with long metal knitting needles until it’s felted.


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WOW that’s a cool site! i wish it was closer, I’d like to visit there.