Felted balerina slippers

has anyone crocheted and felted the balerina slippers?
They are so cute!



Where does one get FT patterns from?

I LOVE those slippers!! I’ve not done any, but I’ve looked at that pattern alot…I really, really likey :wink:

Hildie has the pattern, but I dont think she’s made them yet. I wish she’d give that pattern to ME! Id make them!

I have the knit pattern … I have made the kid size with fun fur around the top instead of the strap … and the adult with strap … but I only have one done. The pattern is very easy and like the clogs AMAZING how it turns out. I will take a pix of felted adult this evening.

They’d probably turn out looking like clogs! Your hands will go on ‘automatic.’

I have the pattern! Haven’t made any yet. I think koolbreeze has made them. Her slippers are adorable!

I have to pick that pattern up from trends also, just picked up a new hat and scarf hat one and saw that slipper at the LYS. They are very pretty.

have it, haven’t made it. amd sending to KK because she’s ADD. over and out.

:cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

Is that an 8.5x11 sheet of paper under the blue unfelted clog? What size is it supposed to felt down to?

yes, kelly, aka felting queen, you’d have them done in a heartbeat! glad to hear she’s sending the pattern lol. you’ll have to post a finished pic so we can drool!
WOW, those are sooooo pretty Debbie! Love your embellishing. It’s fun to personalize things.
I noticed Patternworks has a pattern for them too in my catalog at home. I may order. also a clog pattern they have.

Yes, 8-1/2 x 11 paper. I used the women’s medum and it felted down to a size 7-1/2 … I WILL take a picture of the felted slipper, I WILL!