Felted Bag?

I am ready to make something other than scarves! I have some yarn that can be felted and would like to try a tote bag/purse - anyone know of a good, simple pattern? I’d love to try out circular needles/knitting in the round also…

Thanks for the help!

I am currently working on ahttp://www.blacksheepbags.com/booga_bag.html , it is going very easly.

I think this is up next, a swap buddy made me one of these a couple of years ago http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/patterns/archive/2007/06/11/amanda-s-squatty-sidekick.aspx
and earlier post has these and more options

I was going to suggest the Booga Bag, too.

If you want more choices, look here:

I got an email this morning with this one:



I think I’ll give the booga bag a try.

Just to wrap my head around the pattern… The first 34 rows that you knit flat for the bottom of the bag right?

And when I’m knitting with the 10.5 size needles, will the resulting knit be sort of loose - since the recommended needle size for that yarn is 7-8?

Yes. The stitches will be pretty open and loose. That is what you want for something to felt and still be flexible.

Hi Ashley,
The booga bag’s a great choice! I made it recently and it turned out great! You can count on losing something like 1/3 of the size in the felting process. I had seen some people say their bag turned out too small after felting, so you might think about what size you want it to be when it’s done. I ended up casting on 50 for the bottom and then increased the # of rows for the base and the height of the bag too (just until it looked ‘proportional’ to how I wanted it to be when all done). I was really happy with the final size.

Thanks yarncharmer! I want to make sure I don’t end up with a tiny bag, so I was thinking of adding stitches and rows… As long as I can figure out how to follow the pattern!!! :slight_smile: This should be interesting…

Ashley, I was afraid of the picking up stitches part, which is really the only ‘bump’ in the whole pattern - the rest is just straight knit stitch (which forms garter on the bottom and stockinette on the sides, since you are knitting in the round at that point.) I looked online at some picking up stitches info and it made that part pretty easy. Sorry I didn’t save a link to any of those, but I’m sure knittinghelp has instructions.

I’m sure you’ll do just fine!