Felted bag

I have some skiens of Rowan DK Tweed in cricket. Its a 100% wool and I’m looking for a pattern for a bag.Either a shoulder bag or a type of knitting bag. I’m wondering if this wool will felt at all. I’ve done a search and I can’t find any. Maybe I’m not asking the right questions lol. Any help is much appreciated.

I think this is a really cute bag. I like the one that is hanging on the door. I have not done any felting yet so am not sure what will felt and what won’t. After my Christmas knitting is done I am going to try this bag pattern. Good luck.

Since it’s 100% wool, it will felt. You can knit a swatch, measure it then felt it and measure again to give you an idea how much/fast it will felt.

There are a lot of felted purses at http://www.knittingpatterncentral.com

There are a boatload of felted purse patterns (and other things too) here:


I’ve made several felted bags/purses. I’ve gotten all my patterns on line for free. Just Google in f’ree felted purse pattern" and you’ll be amazed at what comes up.

this is a really nice one:


also these are supposedly a quick knit, if thats what yr looking for:


have fun!

You can’t go wrong with booga bags. Just google in booga bags and you will find a pattern. They are super easy, use little wool and make up really nice.

i enjoy making them.