Felted bag..needle size help

I am getting ready to try and make this bag http://www.blacksheepbags.com/booga_bag.html
but I went to my local stores and could not find a needle bigger than a 9
( which I already own) so can I use the #9 needles that I do have and still come out with this bag?
I bought some Caron felt it yarn and it calls for a #11/8mm knitting needle.

Please can anyone help me?

If you make it with a 9, your stitches will be tighter and the bag will be smaller. Felted things usually are made huge compared to the finished product, and I believe the loose stitches aid in the felting process. So I think I’d go with needles larger rather than smaller if you don’t have the right size.

ok thanks. I don’t have any needles larger than a 9 and Hobby Lobby didn’t have any either so later I will check Walmart and see if they have a 10 or 10 1/2 . Thanks.