Felted bag..help

is this bag made with all 3 skeins held together?
this is my first felted project and it is looking pretty thin right now but I am only on my 3 round so I don’t mind starting over if I have too.I really want to make this bag…for myself of course :slight_smile:

No, it’s just one strand at a time. When it felts up, it gets thicker. I’ve read on the board that apparently Kureyon doesn’t felt up as thickly as other yarns, but I like the thickness of mine. It is a a bit floppy, but it’s a strong fabric, and I wouldn’t want it to be too stiff. (If you’re using Noro Kureyon, that is :slight_smile: )

ok thanks, I was,t sure if I was doing it right. I am using 100% wool Caron Felt it yarn. thanks for helping me out.

I’m attempting this bag in the Caron Felt It too! However, I cannot figure out how to pick up stitches. I have watched Amy’s video, but it isn’t clicking for me at all. :pout: :pout:

basically what I did was insert my needle underneath the stitch on the edge, wrap my yarn around the needle, and pulled up a loop. I am sure someone here can explain it much better than me but that is what I did. Although when I got to the last edge, I did have some extra stithes, not sure what I did wrong. Hope this helps.