Felted bag, hats, and keyhole scarf

Here’s my latest project (still needs handles…maybe…I’m working on an I-cord).

Felted bag

Rolled brim hat
Floppy brim hat (I get lots of compliments on this one)
Key-hole scarf

Very nice!

Those are nice. I’m curious how one makes the hole in the keyhole scarf?

They all look great!

All your FO’s are very nice! The Booga bag colors will probably ‘pop’ in the sun.

When I finally get around to making one, I want to find a nice shiny yarn to use, or sew beads on after felting.

When I got to the point at which I wanted to start the hole, I removed half the stitches (of the scarf width) and put them on a stitch holder, then continued knitting the other half until I wanted the hole to end. Then I put those stitches on a second stitch holder and worked the stitches on the first holder to match the length. Then I put all the stitches back onto a needle and continued to the end bind-off.

:happydance: They all look great!

:yay: :yay: I really liked the felted bag how big was it before felting… I have never tried this before but your bag is inspiring…:knitting:


Thank you for the explanation. It sure looks great!

Before felting, I had 120 stitches using US9 needles and 100% wool (Lion Brand Lion Wool–Autumn Sunset) in the round and the piece before the mitered bottom was 20" in length. It shrunk to 15" in diameter and 10" in length.

I just finished an I-cord that measured 84" before felting and ended up being 66" after.