Felted Bag for Denise Interchangeable Needles

I just ran across this pattern:


Thought some of you with the Denise set would like to see it if you haven’t already…

That’s very nice. Bookmarked it - hopefully some time I’ll get to make one. I do love my Denise’s. Thanks for posting!

:smiley: I like it, that’s a good idea :thumbsup:

:smiley: Great pattern – thanks for posting. I’d like to attempt a zipper in a bag, and I do have an extra long Denise cord that doesn’t fit in the case.

I :inlove: it! Thanks for sharing, I bookmarked it! :thumbsup:

What a beautiful rainbow bag! And it would look even more beautiful with Amy’s Rainbow Denise’s inside! :wink:

Cool! I’m going to link to this in the interchangeable thread in the general forum.

I just ordered the :cheering: Denise needles. I will have to make this for them to keep them cozy. Thanks for sharing. :XX: :XX:

I’m making this right now, I’ll post pictures when I’m done :cheering: .

I’m knitting up that little bag too. :cheering: I started it today. My Denise needles are to be delivered at my door on Monday!! I love the “tracking system”…so nice I can see how close they are to my house. :happydance: :happydance:

I had two skeins of beautifil Noro yarn and that’s what I’m using for my Denise bag. I’ve put zippers in clothing over the years but never in a bag…so I don’t think it will be a problem for me…at least I hope not! :XX: :XX:

I went thru two skeins of Noro yarn and ran out!! So I have to pick up another one this week before I can finish the bag. I was just about to do the Icord on the top. :XX: :XX: So I just ordered a skein of it online. If its not the exact same dye lot it will be okay since its multi colored and will be felted anyway. The yarn I just ordered will be used for the Icord trim all around the bag…so that may look even better if its not exactly the same dye lot. :happydance:

I’m not sure I really understand the directions. I do know how to do an Icord…but not sure I understand how to connect it to the top of the bag.

Does anyone have any idea what they mean in the directions on that part? I may have to go to my LYS’s “help night” if I get the yarn by Thursday!! :oops: Thank so much!

My rainbow Denise bag is almost done (already felted, currently blocking before I add the zipper). While waiting to finish assembling, I was browsing around and also found some more patterns for Denise needle bags from the same designer. Same idea but a little modifications with each pattern :smiley: .

Charcoal Denise Case

Lemon Denise Case

I like all of the Denise bags. Mine is almost done but ran out of yarn. I ordered a skein of more Noro and its in the mail now. I should get it in a few days. Can’t wait to felt it. This will only be my second felted thing. :happydance:

By the way I just LOVE my Denise needles. Been using them all day today while I knit a baby lace blanket. So light weight and easy and smooth to use. I like the pale gray color that they are. I find it not distracting from my pretty yarns. :XX: :XX: