Felted Bag FO and Ribbed Sweater WIP

Hello everyone :smiley:

I’ve finished my felted bag - although as you can see from the pics the felting didn’t felt very much :??

I only washed it once and didn’t spin it - like it said in the instructions - but the stitches are still very defined so I think I might throw it back in the machine and give it another go. I have to say that I think I preferred it before felting :oops:

I’ve also posted a photo of my Noro Knits York ribbed cardi work in progress because I’m a little concerned about the width of the back. I did a tension swatch, in st st, and it was spot on. But having finished the back (the whole thing is knitted in K2, P2 ribbing) I’m thinking that it is really small widthwise! :shock:

Is this just because it is ribbing? I’m guessing that once stitched together and tried on the ribbing will stretch to fit? :thinking: Anyone had any experience of this kind of ribbed top?

Please reassure me because the Noro wool is not cheap - and I think I’ll cry if it doesn’t fit in the end :frowning:

I love your bag! Yes, do toss in it the wash again, low water, hot water and a pair of jeans. Some yarns take longer to felt.

Don’t know about the sweater, but if you did a gauge swatch you’ll probably be okay. You could check the gauge again now on your knitted piece and if it’s off at least you’d know before it’s finished!

Those are both beautiful!

I love the colors in that sweater. :inlove: :inlove:


I am using that same colorway for my Noro sweater - I ended up having to go online to buy more because I was running out. Did you use one of the Noro patterns? Not sure what to tell you about the ribbing _ I would think that would make it look “skinnier” - it does look fabulous, you have done a great job!

That bag is soooooo cute! What pattern and yarn did you use?

The sweater is looking great too. 2x2 ribbing IS pretty stretchy. To see if it will fit you could stretch it out and measure the width, then multiply by 2. As long as that number is bigger than your chest/waist measurement, I think it should be fine.

Cool bag! Love the colors of that Noro. What colorway is that?

Thank you for your nice comments :happydance:

The bag was knitted from a kit - you get a bag full of the four types of wool and all the other bits you need. The kit was by a company called Twilleys of Stamford and the wool was two colours of Freedom wool, 1 ball called Melody and one called Paris. I’ve not seen Freedom wool on sale separately but it was just 100% wool. The melody was a sort of ribbon yarn - it had two thin strings of yarn held together with what looked like bits of ribbon at intervals along it’s length -a bit like this mosaic yarn. The Paris yarn was a mohair yarn. You knitted the body of the bag with all four yarns together on 15mm and 12mm needles - Big and Quick! :smiley:

The Ribbed Cardigan is from the Noro Knits book- it’s called York and the colour I’m using is 147. This is the second cardi I’ve knitted from this book and the first one came out fine so I guess I’ll just “trust the pattern” as they say and keep going :XX:

KitKat - what are you knitting with your Noro? Do you have a pic? I’d love to see and compare.

I am making McKee from the same book - but hopefully shorter LOL. The pattern has been, even to my LYS owner, a bit inexplicable at times, but am hopeful it will all come out in the end. I will post pictures this weekend - the sleeves are done and the front and back are done up past the armholes shaping (so say just above the top of the cleavage for the front) I have to do the turtleneck part and I am a little intimidated by the destructions - so may wait until I can run to LYS and ask a few questions.

Just out of curiousity - what size needles did you end up using??? I ended up with 7’s - it called for 8’s does that mean I knit tight or loose??? LOL!

:smiley: Love, love your bag :heart: Sweater is looking good, too…sorry, can’t answer your sweater question, but can’t wait to see it finished…love the colorway :smiley:

I’m lucky - my mum is a very experienced knitter and so I keep phoning her for advice :smiley: Now when she answers the phone I ask “Is that the Knitting Helpline?” because I hardly seem to phone her without slipping at least one knitting question into the conversation!

Re the needle size - my tension swatches seem to come out exactly to the recommended size on the needles they suggest - I think the York is on US size 8 needles. I never know whether you go up or down for a tight tension or not! Luckily so far everything I’ve knitted has been designed for my tension - phew :wink:

I’ve been very brave (or should that be foolhardy? :?? ) because I’ve decided to knit the body of the sweater 2 cm longer and the sleeves 2cm shorter. I’m hoping that these two adjustments will even themselves out into needing the same amount of wool because I really hate having to buy an extra ball! When I knitted the Eloise cardigan I needed 1 more ball than the pattern suggested - even though my tension was spot on - however I think I definitely made the sleeves too long by mistake! :oops: I made the first one too long and then figured I had better make the second sleeve the same length or it would look really ridiculous :blush: .

It’s all good experience though I guess! And at least all my projects are unique! :lol:

BTW - why did my last post end up on here twice? What did I do to make that happen?

BTW - why did my last post end up on here twice? What did I do to make that happen?

It happens sometimes. I deleted it. :wink:

I love the colors of that sweater! How does it feel?

Thank you Ingrid - I wondered if I’d managed to click submit too many times!

The sweater feels lovely :heart: :heart: :heart:

I can’t wait to finish it and try it on!

Hey! Slow down :mad: It’s not fair that you have sooooooo much knitting time :frowning: You’re doing more than me now and it looks lovely too! :mad: I didn’t know you had done that much!!!

I am definitely going to buy the Cashmerino Superchunky now so I can start my Noro jumper … I want to be the best knitter in the family! :shock: :wink:

See you later hmph!

You’ll never be better than me little sis! :devil:

Race You???
:heart: :wink: :heart:


THAT’S IT!!! - don’t ask me for help again :evil: grrrrrr

Sue you are bad bad bad - I just spotted some blossom on ebay (10 skeins) and now I think I am going to have to buy it to make Eloise too. As if I don’t have enough in the backlog pile! Its a disease I tell you!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Eloise - what colour blossom you thinking of getting?


I bought 10 skeins of #8 (the one that was on sale at WEBS) for $49 off ebay. Its a little neutral so will work for work. I was just so impressed with yours, even though you have the wonder mother to help you as well as your sister! I figured 4.90 a skein was pretty good price. I think according to the pattern I need 8 skeins so I will have a little cush if I need it.

Fantastic price - I used 9 skeins when the pattern said 8 - but I did knit it a bit long in the sleeves by mistake - and I think the length of the back might have been a little longer than it said in the pattern too :thinking:

Mine has come up quite big widthwise - for example the sleeves are very baggy and the body part is quite loose too - although the body length is a tiny bit shorter than I would have liked - it just hits the top of my jeans (and I wear old fashioned “just about at waist level” jeans not the very trendy hipsters - cos I’m pear shaped and the trendy ones are way too small over my hips and bum but about 6 inches too big at the fastening!).

I’m thinking of washing it and trying to stretch it lengthways.

I didn’t block it when I was finished - I was too impatient - I just steamed the edges to make them flat enough to seam. Do you think this is why it might be a little short?

Anyway - my son has just asked for his tea - and it’s 8pm - I though Daddy was sorting it out :oops: So I’d better run and get cooking.

See you later