Felted Baby Slippers

These are for my baby grandson for Christmas. His dad is a big Cubs fan so they are CUBS colors. They won’t fit for awhile, but I was winging which size of the pattern to use as it was kind of a vague pattern. They were a quick knit up and felt. I used Knitpicks Wool of the Andes Red and Winter night and it was leftovers from his dad’s scarf and hat so it cost me nothing except the hot water for the felting.

On another note, my dd and sil took my husband and I out to lunch for our birthday’s and they gave me the Knitpicks Options set. I was so excited when I saw it I squealed and everybody turned around and looked at the nutty woman!! :roflhard:

Those are cute!

Happy Birthday and congrats on the Options! Woooo!!! :cheering:

They look great! Go Cubs! :cheering:

Those are really sweet, and as long as they stay on, should keep the little boy’s tootsies nice and warm.

Congratulations on your birthday and on getting such a great gift!

They look great!! :happydance:

Happy B-day and congrats on the options :blooby:… I would have squealed too…:teehee:


[COLOR=DarkOrchid][SIZE=3][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Oh…how cute! Which pattern did you use? I’ve made three pair so far for my grands and used the pattern at Warm Woolies. Pics here. [/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]

I think I found it on Knitting Pattern Central if I remember correctly.

Cute! And congratulations on your birthday and the Options!

Those are so darn cute! Congratulations on the birthday and the new Options–I would have squealed too, then probably cried:roll: (I’m just that way:shrug:)

Atlas, the poor Cubbies–no more post season–bummer:verysad:

Maybe next year!

I keep telling everyone, they should have played Matty Murton more! (Jack says I like him because of his red hair as my grandson has red hair) I can’t believe they screwed up every playoff game! :!!!:

What cute little things!! Those will be really warm.

It is so great when family get the right kind of presents. Knitting things, of course. I would have squealed too.