Felt scarf

I have been knitting since I was a child but I have never attempted felt before - I thought that you could only do it with unspun wool etc, but recently I discovered you could felt knitted things! My sister was complaining to me that she lost her felt scarf and couldn’t find another one in the shops - so I thought maybe I could make her one… but from what I can gather you can do it in a washing machine - so if I make a really large scarf and put it on boil wash will the edges come out straight??? I don’y have a top loading washing machine however - they’re not common in Ireland

You should be able to felt a scarf in a front-loading washer, I have felted things in mine (although no scarves yet)! You’re right, use the hottest setting, and throw in some heavy, nonlinty clothing like jeans. I just usually let mine go through the whole cycle, and repeat as necessary until the desired effect is achieved. ANd make sure you are using a wool that doens’t say “machine washable” or “superwash” on it, otherwise it won’t felt. When you take out the scarf and it is still damp, pin it down to something like an ironing board, and that should help the edges dry straight.

I wonder though about putting it something, usually it is recommended to put an item to be felted in something like a lingerie bag or pillowcase, I’d be concerned something large like a scarf might felt to itself if it were confined in a bag like that. :thinking: Perhaps someone who actually has felted a scarf might have some input.

Providing you are using a natural animal fiber, you shouldn’t have any problems felting. Knitting loosely may help. The type of washer shouldn’t make any difference.

A few years ago, I made a lovely angora scarf for myself which I intentionally felted. It was fur donated to me from a herd buck I had who was the sweetest little bunny EVER; and he was a great ‘lady’s man’ to boot! I used the fine yarn with a loose sett, 12" wide in the reed, and when I was done, threw it in the washer and THEN… (gasp) the dryer! It was JUST what I had dreamed of. Dryed, it was about 8 1/2" wide.

Little Dusty’s gift to me was the most beautiful felted angora scarf. I still think of him when I wear it.

Thank you! I take it plain old garter stitch is what to use. I imagine stocking stitch would come out unevenly and anything more fancy would be a waste as the pattern won’t show when it shrinks???