Felt Help!

Can I felt two different items in the same wash? I have a blanket and a sweater for my puppy that I want to felt. And of course, I also have my normal huge stack of clothes I need to wash. Can I felt the sweater and the blanket at the same time to [I]save [/I]time? Or will everything become like a science experiment and fuse horribly together ?!:zombie:

I felted two bags at the same time. I stood over the open washer, and had an old pair of jeans in there too. I just made sure the two items were in separate zippered lingerie bags and checked each one every 5 minutes. (they were different wools so they felted at different rates.) It worked out fine- but again- I stood there the whole time and didn’t walk away. HTH

When I made clogs, I felted both of them together in the same mesh bag, and there was no fusing at all.