Felt clogs needle question

I bought the pattern for the felt clogs, but when I went to check out the needle sizes for it, it says size 13 24" and 26". I can’t seem to find these. the only ones I saw close were 29". Can I get away with using something else?

Mine says size 13 24" and 16". You are supposed to go to the smaller needles when there aren’t enough stitches to fit around the 24. I would assume you could use another similar smaller size.

Actually, you can use sz 13 and sz 11 needles, because the 2nd needle is only used for picking up sts for a 3-needle bind-off. No need to duplicate your 13’s if you dont want to… but I would use 24" needles. 16’s are not long enough to fit all the sole sts around and anything longer than 24" will make it difficult to knit the cuffs. Addi makes 24" needles.

The new pattern calls for going to the 16 when there aren’t enough stitches to fit around the 24. Is this really necessary? Or can I just keep knitting with the 24? I switched but felt it was a little premature myself.
I think the new pattern is alot different than the original.

It is a bit different, but just by a few sts here and there. Honestly, I cant imagine why they changed it. I’ve made 38 pairs with the original pattern and they were all PERFECT. :shrug:

I did post a typo before I meant to say 16"
I have size 13 but in a 29 inch. can I get away with that? I havent’ started, so I’m not sure what the cast on is going to look like with the 29 inch. :shrug:

I’m thinkin’ the 29 is going to be too big. I used the 24 for a woman’s size 8 and it was comfortable, an extra five inches though would have been too big for me.

You can use the 29" if you knit them flat instead of in the round – there should be instructions included for that (there are in mine, but I have the “old” pattern). I’ve done them both ways and I didn’t think one was that much easier or harder than the other…and there’s definitely not a lot of seaming at the end…just 4 or 5 stitches at the back of the heel. :smiley: