Fellow Europeans

  1. Just thought I’d amalgamate all the European countries into one post! might be useful??
  2. I also thought it might be easier for us to find each other on Ravelry if we posted our usernames here??

Hi i am Nikki and am in England
my ravelry name is nikkiknit

Hello! I’m Hannah and I’m in England too.
ravelry name is laptopknitter

Hi, I’m Sue and I’m also in England

I applied for ravelry a few days ago so as yet don’t have a name there!

Hi…my name is Nessa and I live in Scotland. I’ve just found this site and think it’s great to be able to chat to other knitters all ove the world. The internet makes this big world so much smaller.

Looking forward to getting hints and new information on here.:grphug:

Hello, I’m Jen in the NorthWest of England. My Ravelry username is DQknits :slight_smile:

Hi Jen…please don’t think me stupid but what is ‘Ravelry’. I am quite new to this site and I have noticed this name at the end of lots of posts.

Hello D.Q.knits I to am new like you and would like to know about Ravelry and how to join in the post. I live in Australia any knitters out there from down under. busy bee:knitting:

Ravelry is a knitting online community http://www.ravelry.com You have to add your name to the list and wait for your invite mine took about a week.

Lisa from England

Hi lisa and welcome

Hello all, I live in Cornwall, England and I am msmelody on Ravelry.