Felidae Cat Food

I have always fed my Cyrus holistic/natural dog food. Canidae is our food of choice lately. I was especially thankful I was feeding it during the China scare.

Anyway, a year ago Cyrus and I moved upstairs with my mom so I could care for her (Alzheimers). Mom has a beautiful long haired male cat named James and poor James was a matted mess.

I switched James to Felidae cat food (again, whew!) and with no brushing or extra care from me he has not one mat left. His coat is soft, silky and beautiful. And best of all he hasn’t coughed up a hair ball in months!:woohoo:

Felidae is the kitty version of Canidae.

It did take a while but the change is so extraordinary I just had to share with you all. It is more expensive than grocery cat food (James eats only dry) but the bag lasts a long time. They have a canned version too.

I highly recommend it!:cheering:

I tried it with my picky cats and one would not eat it and the other was allergic to something in it. :shrug:

I’m glad it worked well for you though!

I really appreciate the information!!:yay: I have two persians, of course, long hair and hairballs. I have been giving them Science Diet Hairball Control, and it has helped with the frequent hairball vomiting. But still they have them now and then. I will definitively try Felidae to see if their coats look better. They hate to be brushed. It is a bit tense, they sometimes tolerate it for a very short period of time. Thanks a lot, and I am glad your mom’s kitty is doing so great :thumbsup:

How does this work for digestive issues? My cat had diarrhea for a few weeks (which the vet couldn’t solve- no parasites, all tests came back fine) and now she’s constipated. She’s getting a bit better, but I’m a still worried. Also, do you know if it’s available in Canada?