Feet glove pattern?

I don’t really know what else to call what I’m looking for, and I hope the odd title catches your attention. :wink:

My bil and sil absolutely adore those socks that have individual toes on them - much like a glove. Does anyone know where I might be able to find a pattern for knitting them? TIA!

I always called them toe socks. Here’s a pattern to try.

yup i call them toe socks too. and if you just want the big toe separate then they are tabi socks (i also call them flip flop socks but that’s not important! :rofling: )

Those are perfect!! TY so very much. I think I’ll try making them in a varigated yarn instead of stripes.

my sil loves this type of sock… gonna print it out for her…I always wonder how comfy they are… I’m weird when it comes to my toes if I wear socks and the end goes in between my toes it weirds me out :blush: and if I go to bed and the sheets are tucked in my feet feel trapped so I have to pull them out it drives dh crazy :rofling: