Feeling Warm and Fuzzy thanks to my Co-Worker's Dog

I work as a nurse at a veterinary hospital, and a co-worker recently adopted a TINY chihuahua puppy. A man walked in with this little thing (she litterally fits in your palm) wanting to euthanize because she was the last puppy of the litter and he couldn’t adopt her out (!!!). The Super Recptionist adopted the little girl instead. If you arn’t familiar with tiny chihuahua puppies, they are sort of bald when they are little, mostly on their heads, but sometimes more so - if they are lucky they eventualy grow hair. If they are lucky.

Supter Recptionist knows I knit and joked that I should knit her little girl a hat to keep her bald chihuahua head warm. While petting her, I measured the pup against my palm (base of skull to just past mid body was from finger tips to the knuckle line of my palm) and knit a teeny tiny dog sweater over the weekend.

Since I didn’t know if it would fit her, I figured I’d need to scrap the first sweater; I decided to practice a new yarn weaving stitch for Fair Isle work . The sweater was not as neat and tidy as I would have liked because of the practice, but the sweater was really cute.

Super Receptionist brought her puppy to work, and under the guise of wanting to measure the little dog, I brought Super Receptionist back and presented the sweater. It fit pefectly, and my co-worker actually teared up. Every time she saw me, my co-worker said, “SO CUTE!” in referance to her dressed pup.

Now the entire reception staff wants to learn to knit. I feel very warm and fuzzy, just like that little dog. Except my head is not as large compared to my body. And I’m not bald.

Well, where is the picture of the doggie in her sweater??? C’mon now!

You’ll have a room full of knitting buddies just like I will on Thurs. in no time.

A very sweet thing you did!


Aaaawww blush

As I hit the submit button, I regreted not having pictures. I’ll have to get some.

What a great way to start my day! This story has got me all warm and happy inside! Thanks so much :smiley:

Awwwww, that is so sweet!
It’s 10.30 am here, and you’ve just made my day. :slight_smile:

Warm fuzzy, warm fuzzy! I just love this story. I hope that someday I can inspire someone to knit with a story like that. A little after 8:30am here.

Such a great story and so sweet of you to do that! That little puppy is going to be spoiled for sure :wink:

And you absolute must get some pictures … I bet the puppy looks smashing!! By the by … what did Super Receptionist name the puppy??

Man, I think chihuahuas are the scariest looking dogs… remember those taco bell commercials??? Anyway I think a bald chihuahua in a sweater might not be scary… you need to knit a hat to match, i’m thinking one with little ear flaps that tie inder the chin…

Yellowness, that’s such a great story! Thanks for sharing!

I vote for a picture, too, if you can manage it! We’re all in love with this puppy, now, and would love to see a pic with the sweater!