Feeling really stupid about right now UGH!

I’m working on a Sensation Rainbow Boucle throw.Near the end of the pattern It tells me to start decreasing as soon as I have established 9 blocks across. It just look like its going to be large enough. I’m really new at knitting. Should I just trust it’s going to turn out fine? :hiding: :hiding:

Can you link to the pattern? It’s easier for people to help if they know what you’re working on. Links aren’t allowed in your first post but should be now.

This may be a link to the pattern:
Since it’s knit on the diagonal, you’re a little more than halfway through and you should already have a pretty good idea of the size of the throw. If you’d like it larger, you could put in another sequence of increases but you may need more yarn to finish. It’s a great looking throw!

salmonmac, that’s pretty. When I searched the striped part threw me because the OP mentions blocks but the pattern is worked in blocks. Seems I learn something new every day here, today’s lesson is not to take too much for granted! Thanks for posting the link. I’m not sure I’d use that yarn but I think that pattern could be adjusted to just about any yarn. It might be just what I’ve been thinking about doing even.

That’s the one!

I’m still having a difficult time with this pattern. I’m confused by the block part. It says to make until 9 blocks across has been formed. I’m pretty such they are not meaning 9 blocks of knit and 9 blocks of purl across. That would make more sense. as It is this is so tiny no way its 50 inches I have SO much yarn left over also.

If you’re using the same yarn and needle, are you holding it single strand or double? There’s no gauge given, but you should be getting something like 2 sts per inch with the yarn doubled. If every block has 12 sts then 9 blocks across would be about 108 sts and that would be close to 56". If you have more stitches per inch, then you need to keep increasing and do more blocks until you get the size you want.

Yes I’m using double strands . I’m still new at knitting and afraid that I would run out of yarn.the width is ok its the length of it. If I had finished it it looks like it would just cover my knees! LOL

Well you’re only halfway done if you’re at 9 blocks already; it’ll be longer after you decrease the blocks.

I’m SO over this throw !! I want to take a picture and post it. Maybe then someone will be able to see what went wrong.
I’m almost at the end. AT one part it looks like wings that are flapping looks stupid.this is NOT any where near 50 inches !! :hair: :gah: :cry: :waah: :verysad:

A picture is a very good idea. If you’re using the correct yarn and approximately getting the gauge, the size should be ok. It would really help to see the whole throw and also a close up picture of it. Which yarn are you using?

I can see why it would look like wings. I wish they showed a picture of it spread out flat. I can’t see where they give a gauge for the pattern, am I just missing it?

I was looking at your pattern again and if you’ve not read the ratings and reviews, you might want to. Someone else commented on it being small. Using size 15 needles they said they ended up with about a 40" square.

I’ve just joined this forum and saw your post. Have you finished this throw? Given up on it? I’d love to help, if you’re still interested.