Feeling loss of creativity

So recently, I have just been at a loss for creativity. I put the needles down for weeks at a time and never finish any projects. I’ve taken up reviewing knitting books for Potter Craft (Random House) and Interweave Press on my blog - hoping the sheer volume of creativity in the books would spark me. (And they’re terrific books!) But no. Any advice for getting back into the swing of knitting/crocheting and for finishing projects? I think my WIPs have become the more terminal UFOs. I really enjoy knitting and crocheting but have no idea why I am in such a slump and why I am just NOT finishing anything. :waah:


I think this happens to all of us at one time or another. Just give yourself permission to take a break and do something else you love instead. The desire and creativity will eventually come back and you’ll enjoy it again. I am into so many different crafts (scrapbooking, stamping, beading, reading, photography, etc) that when I have time to devote to one of them it’s deciding on which one.

my .02 :smiley:

Ah, I know the feeling! Sometimes everything just gets SO overwhelming that I have no desire to do anything! Often I find that just taking a break for a few days (or weeks), then slowly adding back the routine of whatever creative outlet you enjoy back into your schedule is enough to do the trick. Or, I will find a small project to tackle (ie. dishcloth), where I can get some instant gratification, will get the juices flowing again! But I do think the more I dwell on it, the less apt I am to jump back in! Also, summer seems to hinder my knitting - I have less desire to be curled up on the couch - rather be outside!

I agree, taking a break can sure help. In the meantime, I would go thru my patterns and find something I’d be really excited to make. Maybe your present WIPs just aren’t sparking your interest right now but something else could. I also want to be outside!!!

My slump is (painfully) due to a sudden “ouch” on/in my rt (working hand) finger…must be good ole arthritis…:hair: can’t do anything except: ball up those hanks, look at my patterns/yarns, browse thru all my vintage fabric (emm, maybe I’ll start a quilt, na that’s gonna hurt too) look at my quilt books…and maybe I should practice continental knitting:aww:

So sorry to hear that! I hope you’re feeling better soon and back to knitting in no time!

I’ve sooo been there…lol…the only thing that helps me is to ride it out…I’ll get involved with other things I had on the back burner such as reading books or working on my photography or writing, or, sometimes, I get in those slumps where none of my hobbies sound fun…lol…Then I watch re-runs of Roseanne and my DVR’d episodes of Judge Judy…A day or 2 of slackin’ makes me want to do something (anything!) again…lol

i’m having one at the moment to. I have 3 projects i told myself woudl be done before september, 3 charity blankets, and i want to start my christmas projects. and i’m not in the mood to do any of it. the only real time i’ve spend on any of it lately is on the train on the way to work.

Well me too!..I hope it’s not an epidemic. I’m calling it my modes of sloth and torpor.
Maybe I’ll write a childrens’ essay about two characters named Sloth and Torpor, see what they get up to.

I should be making soap for my store (in-house, I usually keep 100 bars in stock, and I’m down to just six bars!!!)
I need to kickstart myself too.

Let me know if yours lifts please, and good luck!

Too bad you’re so far away, otherwise we could get together and jumpstart one another. Have you got a knitting friend? I have a group now, who meet every Friday morn from 10AMto noon. Not long, but just long enough to get the fingers moving, and we catch up on one another’s news (and a bit of gossip, but never vicious).

Yes - I have a great group that meets once a week Fri mornings and twice a month on Saturdays. Unfortunately, I may be moving and leaving that behind though. Will find out soon. :frowning:

Oh dear, losing your knitting group!..hope you can find (or start) a new one soon after you get settled. Good luck!

Small suggestion:
Buy yourself a $10 spindle and a puff of fluffy wool in a color you love (try etsy.com for supplies) and learn to spin.

Spinning uses your mind, hands and creative juices in a totally different way from knitting.There’s a lot less thinking involved, a lot more muscle memory.

It’s a great, refreshing change-off from knitting, and soon you’ll be eager to hit the needles again with some of your own handspun yarn.

I find that thinking up some really absurd, silly sort of thing to knit helps a lot. No pattern or anything, just pick up the needles and knit something really silly. It’s both fun and it gets the creative juices flowing.

The last time I felt at a loss for something to knit I whipped out a very silly looking beer bottle cozy. It was the most ugly, absurd looking thing, but it worked. I dived right into a sweater after I had finished (and then destroyed) it.

Maybe ya should try and whip out some knitted bunny slippers? Gotta admit, it would be a challenge!

I have several outstanding projects myself and I feel my mojo waning.

It is taking me SO long to knit my husband’s sweater that I am getting discouraged. I still have to knit 6 more inches of the body, both sleeves and join and finish the yoke. It’s kind of a boring pattern :sleepy:

I started a pair of socks and a french press cozy just to spice up my life a bit but that hasn’t helped much.

Maybe we should start a “Finding Mojo” group…