Feeling like a knitting failure...need recs >>>

I have a big hole in a sweater vest I’m making and I think it can be repaired but not by me.

So, in the meantime, I need a relatively easy pattern for a rectangular shawl or something. Should I just get a pattern stitch I like out of my pattern book or does someone (oh please!) have something fun I can do without making a mess?

(And no, I haven’t started socks yet!)



Laura, why not try the Cameo Shell Stitch Shawl. It’s not that hard and looks really nice. I made one in January and I think it took five skeins of Caron Simply Soft so it’s not too expensive.


Good luck Hon!

P.S. You are NOT a failure. Don’t believe that or even think it!

I’ve felt like a knitting plenty of times, just remember we’ve all been there and you’re not a failure. You just found yourself in a tough learning moment, and that’s not always fun… but it’s just part of learning.

When I hit a wall like the one you just hit, I like to knit something up really quick. Sometimes it’s fun to find a pattern stitch and knit a few blocks that you can seam together for a pillow or lap throw.

Also, I see you’re on Ravelry. You should try to search some of the free patterns for something quick and easy.

Good idea clarkeee.

I ALWAYS mess up! I’d rather do a complicated cable than anything with lace. Darn shame because I really like lace. Maybe if I sat in a room with absolute silence…

So for my mindless project, I think I’ll use some Malabrigo in pinks and reds and do a ribbed scarf. How dull.

Why not try something else then so you won’t be too bored. Have you considered a vest or a tank top? What about a nice baby blanket? How about something with cables in it? What about Silver’s Palindrome Scarf?

I’m looking for something relatively mindless while my students take a quiz. That means something that I can do WITH interruptions. I have a skein of Malabrigo with me (and it’s the only one of that color) and another skein of Malabrigo with me that is one of 9 skeins. As for needles, I have a size 8 24 inch.

Rather limited…