Feeling like a dunce

Hi folks, I have knitted socks before (with DPNS) and also sockloom, but splurged and bought both of the sock books by Melissa Morgan-Oakes so I could enjoy my new interchangeable Dreamz knitting needles, (as well as my new 47 in fixed circulars 0,1,2,3,).

Figured I should start with the first two at a time sock books cause I am sort of a details type person…LOL and “must” follow the details.

Is it just me or is there something a bit off on the details of where I am suppose to be starting the heel flaps of the 1st sock of the book?

I checked the errata and appears I did get an updated book with the errata corrected.

For 2 days I simply could not get cast on and started per the pictures as far as the direction of the yarn and needles. I was always ending up with my starting yarns not matching the pictures or the direction of work.

SOOO I watched a few videos…and no problem. I got casted on and knitting in the right direction in a much much simpler way and knitted on to the heels.

Then I went back to the BOOK and started the 1st heel flap…R side, turn, purl back (not exact but you get the idea)…and I am NOT in the middle between sock A and sock B in order to then continue on to the sock B heel.

I spent my night playing thru the whole mess in my mind…and still it just does not compute. I am very very close to NOT using the book and go to something that makes sense… (am I the only one that knits in their mind while sleeping?)

BUT…I hate to give up. SOOOOO if anyone has any experience with that book and the first pattern for practice sock AND the instructions AND pictures are correct…then I know it is just me being a dunce…and I will keep trying to figure it out because I bought the darn book and it has patterns I like.

Or I could give up and go to another sock book…of which I have…but not with the magic loop e at a time tech, I certainly can’t do any worse on my own at this point. LOL!

I don’t have the book but I can sympathize with your problem. Sometimes it just helps to put it away for a day or a week and come back with a fresh mind. Would it help to explain the problem with the socks in deatail? Plenty of experienced sock knitters here.
And yes, I work over knitting problems (among others) as I’m falling asleep (or trying to). Sometimes I just have to tell myself to put down the needles and step away from the project.

Having never used an actual for-real sock pattern and inasmuch as I don’t have the book, I’m no help. I do knit in my sleep; I’ll wake up and realize I was dreaming of whatever I’ve been working on. Sometimes I’ll have worked out something I’ve been having a problem with.

Check out Knit Freedom. The magic loop toe up pattern is excellent.

I learned socks with Lifestyle Socks. The “no-swatch needed” was what got me interested, that and not needing a real pattern. Liat’s videos are good (though I’ll never buy her DVDs, I’m too cheap) but I’ve not watched all her sock ones. There were others I watched too. Learning to make socks was an adventure and well worth it.

I actually just got the book in yesterday, the toe up 2 at a time one, but I haven’t tried anything with it yet. I can look at it tonight when I get home and let you know if it makes any sense to me, but I certainly won’t be able to try it and get all the way to the heel in one night. I’m not that fast, but I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for the encouragement. I suffered thru last night…and wish I could tell you that I was able to follow the directions per the cuff down 2 at a time book…but I can’t. I guess I should mention that I am dyslexic…maybe that is the problem. I just can’t understand how I can knit socks before then can’t do it properly by magic loop.

I seemed to be always in the wrong spot compared to the pics…so I just ignored the pictures and tried it per the written directions way. I found that a little better…but then I was trying to figure out which Left of the sock the instructions was indicating…cause I was on the Right side…LOL. I learned something valuable…I do much better if I have a standard written pattern, I think.

SOOOOO I have a few questions…if directions say to pick up and knit…does that actually mean to pickup and knit each stitch…or pick up all the required stitches and THEN knit all of those required stitches?? The book shows in the glossary how to do this…which I did, picking up each stitch then knitting it with only that 1 needle. BUT the picture in the technique section shows 2 needles which confused me since my knitting companion says “pick up and knit” generally means PICK up all stitches then knit or purl per the instruction. I found by knitting backwards I could end up back in the middle of the socks to start the next step…but that only helped with the direction…not so much doing it the "right way"
Didn’t help much in keeping the socks both on the same row. :wink:

I have seen knit freedom videos and they are wonderful…and actually her cast on for cuff down was quite easy (which the book directions were less than) and that is what I used and plan to use from now on. However, I felt I should go back to the book and complete the sock…since the whole purpose of this exercise was to learn how to follow a pattern as the book said. If that makes any sense at all. LOL

I feel like the socks I have almost finished are 90% [B]not[/B] as the book was written…only cause I got too bogged down trying to make a square peg fit a round hole. So I just started knitting what looked like needed knitting in the direction that worked. SO I failed this exercise.

Gonna cast on another pair soon and will try 1 more time to follow the directions…(except for the cast on cause knit freedom’s cast on is much better)…and if this is as frustrating then I am gonna go to the toe up book and try that.

I have to say that knitting 1 sock at a time is not difficult for me…but I do tend to drop stitches between my poor eyesight and the DPN’s…which is why I wanted to go to magic loop socks. I went to magic loop for a lot of my hats…and it sure speed up the shaping since I didn’t drop stitches.

My goal for this year is to learn new techniques so I can help my granddaughter learn to knit AND read patterns. She is 9 and finally the light went on and she understood what she was doing instead of only trying to do what her Nana showed her. I kept telling her to go to sleep and kept finding her laying in bed knitting away…[B]till 12:30 am.[/B]…so I have got to figure out what I am doing so I can teach her the “right” way. If Nana can’t follow a pattern…then I will be teaching her the wrong way.

Pick up and Knit also known as Picking up Stitches

so I have got to figure out what I am doing so I can teach her the “right” way. If Nana can’t follow a pattern…then I will be teaching her the wrong way.

There is no “right” way to knit. There are no knitting police. If knitting isn’t enjoyable, why bother? We can buy ready made socks. There is a learning curve for everything, but if you can knit socks without the pattern, you might just be giving yourself more grief than you need. I have a horrible time working through a pattern. I can understand and do all the steps involved but somehow it will just get all messed up in my head and then my knitting is messed up. For me the “right” way is to combine what I can from patterns with my make-it-up-as-I-go-along way of doing things. I can say I designed it if I want, it sounds better. The best gift you can give your GD is to help her not be so stressed over perfection, IMHO. As for the dyslexia, maybe you can use different colored markers to designate which is the front of each sock, making notes so you know which is the one you started with. Many people do not knit 2@time socks ML. You could do each sock on a separate needle, work part of one and then work that part on the other. As far as I’m concerned, experts only have helpful advice if it works for me; if I have to struggle too much and lose the enjoyment of knitting, then fergit it. I guess what I want to say is find what works for you, what you are comfortable with, stretch beyond it some but don’t make knitting torture. If you GD sees you frustrated and not enjoying it, why would she want to continue?

You can make beautiful socks, and if they don’t conform to someone else’s way of doing things, so what. Have fun!

Good advice GG. Actually I tell her constantly I learn more from my mistakes than anything else. I just wanted to be able to teach her how to read patterns and follow them successfully…not fly by the seat of her pants making things work.

There was suppose to be a lesson in it all…but I’m not sure I want to learn it after struggling with this particular book. I have asked myself 100 times WHY am I doing it this way when I know a way that works for me…1 at a time. I just wanted to learn it so I could teach her and thought the challenge would be fun. :roflhard:

It’s good to know that I am not the only one that can’t figure out a pattern.

I think the best people to ask for help are people who have learned from their mistakes. They understand the problems and how to get around them or solve them. It sounds like you’ve succeeded very well in interesting your GD in knitting. It’ll be fun for her to puzzle out patterns along with you.
Pick up stitches and knit can all be done at the same time by putting the needle into the knit fabric, wrapping the yarn around it and pulling the yarn through.