Feeling guilty over cost of yarn

I feel like I’m at confession, lol.

Ok, I’m feeling really guilty. I ordered enough Noro yarn to make msyelf a very pretty felted bag. I will use this bag for work, as I do my other bags.
I’m so excited about the yarn, but I feel so guilty for spending the money. Nobody will starve in my family and the bills will be paid. I saved up birthday money from December to buy this yarn.
I have been studying very dry cardiac material for work, and finally passed two exams. I haven’t knitted for over six months, only studied. I have saved for this moment, so why can’t I let go of the guilt?

People spend money like this all the time on carton of cigarettes and booze, and don’t bat an eye. I spend it on yarn and the guilt is killing me!

So, ya’ll make me feel better. Tell me not to feel guilty.

You are forgiven, my child. Say two hail woolies and your sins will be forgiven. :teehee:

I agree-no guilt. Enjoy your new bag.

No guilt at all…:hug:

Your beautiful felted bag will be a precious gift to yourself for a very long time. Enjoy the creation and the carrying of it.

I vote for the no guilt. IF you needed a bag for work you would have probably spent more. I see this as money saving and I never feel guilty for that.

ROTFLOL … LOVE it! And I agree … 1000% Let it go girl. You deserve it! If not you, then who?

You shouldn’t feel guilty. You said you saved your birthday money. This is your birthday present.

BTW, I bought some yarn the other day with my left over Christmas giftcard and my Valentine money from DH. All the way home I was thinking, why did I do that? I should have kept looking for less expensive yarn (I didn’t even spend that much). So don’t worry cause you’re not alone. Plus, we are both going to have great gifts to show for our gifted money…

Enjoy your yarn!!! I will. :knitting: :woohoo:

You should absolutely NOT feel guilty! You’re taking food from anyone’s mouths and it’s your birthday money! :thumbsup:

:roflhard: Hail woolies??

Thanks everyone. I feel better. I’m glad Im not alone in yarn guilt. :aww:

It is a hobby, and most of the time a treat! I don’t skimp on my yarn anymore cause it makes such a difference to ones knitting, and when it boils down to it, it is a hobby. All hobbies are investments!

Consider some hobbies, model cars/planes/etc - the glue, the paint the model itself

Computer gamers - trust me, games aren’t cheap, nor are the machines you want to run them if you are hardcore!

Craftsman - power/handtools, wood, nails glue

None of these things are cheap, and when you are serious about them, you need to have the tools that are going to make you happy.

So you spent a bit of money, you are investing in your happiness, and what could be more important!

Crycket is right. DH doesn’t feel guilty when he buys an expensive tool that he needs so I don’t feel guilty about expensive yarn. You have my blessing!! :pray:

A math problem

Price of yarn divided by # of hours knitting + hours bag will be used = cost per hour of enjoyment

Comes out to pretty cheap :woot:


My husband smokes. I add up his smoking purchases each week and that is my yarn/supply budget. He cannot complain, he can’t even say a word because smoking is a very selfish habit and only HE gets any enjoyment out of it, whereas my knitting benefits me and whomever I give my work to.

He should be happy I now apply his smoking money (what I call it) towards knitting and not gem stones like I used to. Good Lord I love my Pierre Cardin amethyst watch. I saved up his smoking money for a month to buy that baby and still had money left over for a string of citrine. :slight_smile:

My husband went out last year and bought a motorcycle and only informed me afterwards that ‘we’ had saved for it! It is going to take a lot of yarn to equal the price of that baby.

Sounds to me like you deserve the yarn as a reward for all the studying.

Shoot my husband has built 6 hotrods in the 11 1/2 years we’ve been together. He doesn’t built them cheap. That’s a lot of yarn…I’ve only been knitting 1 1/2 years.

I used to feel bad every time I bought yarn. Especially the luxury yarn that I preferred. But after I started spinning myself, I find I don’t feel a bit bad about investing in luxurious fibers. I now grow angora rabbits and collect & spin their fiber. When I sell some of it, it either pays for the upkeep, or else I can indulge in some knitting luxury that I wouldn’t have if not for the rabbits “paying the way”. (Of course if you count my labor, I’m giving that fiber away).