Feeling Flu-ish

I woke up yesterday and my throat hurt. I woke up this morning and I coughed and coughed. I checked my temperature and it was 102! I’m feeling a little flu-ish here… :pout:

:hug: I hope you start feeling better right away and this is the worst it gets. Take care of yourself!

Hope you feel better soon.

Bummer. The flu has reached epidemic proportions according to the CDC. Drink lots of fluids. I hope it isn’t the same strain I had and am still getting over, it’s a rough one.

Hang in there, hope you feel better soon.

thanks Mason. i will.

:hug: drink plenty of fluids and sleep as much as you need! Hope you feel better soon!

Unfortunately it does sound sound like what Mason and I (and millions of others) had. Try to get plenty of sleep because that does seem to help. :hug:

Yeah sleep is gooooood.

hope you feeling better soon :hug:

I heard there is another strain of flu that isn’t part of the flu vaccine. You may have that as I heard you have high temp with it.

For sore throat this never fails to work for me. It is a very old, old remedy, probably nearly 100 years old. I have it in an old medical book I have. Drink it often. The taste is not bad sort of a sweet and sour thing.

8 oz mug hot water, 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon vinegar. Mix well and drink. It will help keep you full of fluids and it really does help a sore throat. Whenever I or my husband get sore throats, I make up a 1/2 gallon pitcher of the stuff and just leave it in the fridge then heat it in a mug as I want it. Just remember to mix the pitcher up each time in case the honey settles.

Hope you get to feeling better real quick! :hug:

My husband ran into our neighbor yesterday and he couldn’t even understand what he was saying he was so sick. The only reason he was out of his house was to walk his dogs.
Luckily, we haven’t been infected in our house…yet. I wanted to spray my husband down with Lysol after he came in and told me about our poor neighbor!
Hope you feel better soon and hope all that have, have had or will have this flu fair well with it and recoup quickly.

Losing your voice seems to be common with this strain of flu. I still can’t speak, just croak.

what are you taking to alleviate the symptoms?

don’t let the sore throat go into strep, ask doc to
do a throat culture

When I had the flu I took occillococcinum. I made me feel better, tasted like sugar, and is so fun to say :slight_smile:
Get some zzz’s and drink lots of good ol’ H20!

i already got a throat culture. he said that i didnt have strep. the doctor said that about a third (like 6 out of 20) of people are coming down with strep. he also said that the high fever, coughing, runny nose, and such are symptoms. thank you all for your nice comments! my voice is really croaky but i haven’t REALLY lost it. (thank goodness!)