Feeling dumb about catching floats in simple colorwork

i’m working on a couple of hats that have very basic colorwork (2 colors of stripes, in varying numbers of rounds), and i need to catch the floats on the inside/wrong side instead of cutting the yarn and starting over each time.

somehow i managed to fumble my way through it unthinking for the first few inches, but i put those projects away for a few weeks and once i picked them back up, i started overthinking the whole thing, and i’m making mistakes… floats showing up on the outside, etc.

so, any suggestions for clear/concise videos showing the basic way to do it? i don’t need jogless stuff, i don’t need 4 colors, i don’t need fair isle with 2 yarns in one hand the whole time… just “A goes over B this way, repeat that when you get to the start of round again” would be great.

many thanks :wink:

I recognize the problem. It worked last time, how did I do it?
Depending on the number of rounds per stripe, see if these tutorials help:

that was exactly it… brain fizzled out. thank you so much for the help; the espace tricot tutorial was just what i needed! :slight_smile:

Floats with stripes? You mean where you carry it up the inside? I just cross the new color over the old till I’m ready for it.

Did you know when you do single row stripes it’s a helix and you don’t need to cross yarns? It just spirals! It’s awesome!