Feel like a'proper' kntter now :)

I finished my first hat ody and im so chuffed :cheering:
It was my firstt ime using a circular needle and DPNs and it worked!!

before i started knitting i would always see patterns calling for 4 needles and think ‘eek - no way only super knitters who themselves may well by made out of wool can do that’ and i always classed knitting socks or indeed anything which required DPNs and thus that slightly scary hedgehog appearance as ‘proper knitting’. :notworthy:

well now i can do it to, and im nto a super knitter made out of wool but i am now officially (in my head at least) a ‘proper knitter’. (im not sure what i was before that though … some sort of imposter i guess) :rofl:

I, too, have found that what, at first, seems intimidating really isn’t that hard once you take it step by step.


I like that term ‘proper knitter’. I have a hunch many of us want to be considered proper knitters. I’m too timid to even consider myself an advanced beginner, since I’m still too commitment-phobic to start a sweater.

Biggest thing I had to learn was how to hold the needles, once over that off I went :slight_smile: