Feel a bit silly for asking, need help with joining on DPNs

Okay, I’ve knitted quite a few things, and usually patterns are pretty descriptive or not too inventive on the first row. The first row is usually a knit or something like that.

I am knitting some baby socks. I’ve got 33 stitches divided on 3 needles. Here is the start of the pattern:


with MC, cast on 20 (24, 33) sts. split evenly among needles. Join being careful not to twist.


1: with MC, * sl2, k1. repeat from * around. 2: with CC, k2, p1. repeat from around

Now, how do I “join” when I am really supposed to be slipping the first two stitches? Do I knit one round, is that considered a join? Or do I just slip the two, knit and join in that way?

Welcome to KnittingHelp!
Yes, just slip the two, knit and join that way, as your last suggestion. The idea is not to turn after the cast on and work back the way you came. You want to start with the sts at the tip of the left needle, the first sts cast on. As you continue with the rows, the first slip 2 will become part of the tube that you’re knitting.
It is an unusual beginning round and it was a good question.

Hi, and welcome!

I’m not a pro sock knitter but i do enjoy knitting in the round. I’ve knitted small stuffed decorations on dpns and, like you mentioned, the first row was always knit. But, I only have one set, in US 7.

I got my hands on a set of adjustable circs and learned magic loop. Since then I haven’t picked up my dpns and have made several things, a pair of socks, a hat, headbands, jar covers… I just find it easier to have my needles connected.

Anyway… I’d probably start with a knit cast on and follow the pattern, without knitting a row. The stitches should hold together.

The best way to learn is through trial & error, right? LOL!