Feedback on this Ebay Seller

Hi everyone I am thinking of getting some needles from this Ebay sellerI see that he has very good feedback but the last seller I bought from also had good feedback but I didn’t get good service He sent me a damage item then disappeared from Ebay, So I want to be very careful with this purchase. So if anyone has bought from him before please let me know of your experiences. Thank you very much for your help.

I’ve never bought anything from that seller. I’'m writing to tell you to use extreme caution when buying Addi needles on Ebay. I’ve heard that the ones on Ebay are knockoffs. They look like real Addis but they’re not.

He does have high feedback scores and it a power seller. That would make me feel a bit better. But like the other poster said, there are so many knock off’s out there, that it’s a gamble, kwim?
You could always email one of the other buyers and ask them what they think of the item. I have done that before and have received honest opinions.

To tell you the truth, i wouldn’t be buying Addi’s on eBay, unless it’s a reputable yarn store i know and have purchased from before. A store that uses colorful item descriptions, Manga girls with bouncing breasts with Mitsubishi logo on them (check his other items) is not on my list of respectful sellers. Addi’s are expensive needles and it’s hard to believe you can get them as cheap as they sell.

I have purchased about a dozen pairs of Addi’s on ebay. I have heard that Addi’s on ebay can be knockoffs. I don’t know if mine are, I have compared them to the ones I bought at my LYS and can find no difference. They look like Addi’s, feel like Addi’s and knit like Addis’s. So, if they are knockoffs they are very good ones and only a fraction of the cost.

Maybe you could buy one pair, see how the service is and what you think of the needles and go from there/

I will take all your suggestions to heart, I really do need some needles and I love the 2 pairs of addis I have already but one addi usually cost between £3.95 and £8.00 and I need quite a few sizes of needles so when I saw the needles on Ebay I was blown by the prices so maybe I might try to find a different type of needle that I can get in a large quantity that wouldn’t break the bank. Does anyone have any suggestions???

If you like Addis, could you just purchase what you need one project at a time instead of buying a lot of them at once?

I would say it’d be worth a try-I have bought Addi needles on Ebay (from another seller) and have been very happy with them. I don’t know if they are knock-offs or not, but they seemed genuine (in package, looked and knit like my other Addis).

I would say try it- if you only get one or maybe two the first time then you can check them out for yourself and if they are up to par-great! If not, you aren’t out too much $$ :shrug:

Just my 2 cents. Good luck deciding!

I understand you’re in UK now, so you can get the KP Options or the fixed circulars from I think they will be cheaper than the Addi’s, though i’m not sure.