Fed Up With KP Options

I was working on another sweater when yet another cable pulled out of it’s fitting on my Options. That was my last long cable too. Lots of dropped stitches.

I’m fed up with this problem. As soon as I am able I am going to order a set of Denise circs. Maybe they’ll actually hold together during knitting.

For now I am just going to frog the sweater and hold onto the yarn until I have some proper circs to work with.

Oh that’s too bad. I wonder if it’s the way you’re pulling on the needles or cable? Hope you like the Denise.

I use Boyes and I’ve never had that problem.

I was thinking of getting the Boye set myself. I know I can’t do magic loop with them but I’m not into that yet and who knows, I may never be, so it shouldn’t be a reason for me to shy away from Boye. I want the Addi Click system but, oh, never gonna see that day.

Sorry to hear about your problems, knitting guy. Have to admit one of the reasons I’m so gunshy about ordering Options is because I heard they’re made in India and (speaking as someone who is Indian), I know Indian craftsmanship can be not so good. Maybe if you tried their fixed circs instead?

You know, I don’t really think Addi clicks will be that expensive forever. May take some time but I wouldn’t be surprised if the price eventually drops enough so that more people can buy them.

I like my Denises…for the most part…

I would not touch Boye with a 10 foot pole…every one of their knitting needles I haved used, ends up feeling like I am knitting with rusty nails cause the paint wears where they are always rubbing…

Maybe it is just my tension…but blah…I have the boye crochet hooks and they are fine, as I am not rubbing them on anything solid…

Good luck…

Bummer, Mason. I couldn’t do Denise, at least not happily – I hate the way they knit under my fingers, I’m definitely a metal girl. I’m definitely trying the HiyaHiya interchangeable set as soon as they’re available (soon!), though. I really want the smaller sizes on interchangeables! Have you looked at those yet?

I super glue mine before knitting and recheck them before starting something. They have to be so tight that I’d be afraid they wouldn’t go back in to get me not to take them apart and glue.

I think it’s man hands vs the short needles stressing the joint where the cable goes into the needle. I’ve also had a pair of bamboo circs get pulled out while knitting.

Mason, I have a set of Denise needles but make sure you have them twisted on OK. I have moved my stitches up and at times, it twists off the cable. I can relate to your problem. Tess

I didn’t say it before, but since it’s been said I have to agree with Crycket and Zina on a couple points. I have the Denise and they are okay. They just aren’t as flexible as Options or Addis. The cord is fat and I felt like I had to do more sliding of stitches. Overall though they are nice needles and worth a try if you don’t mind resin.

I also can’t stand Boye. I don’t like the way the needles feel and some of them have the bend which I didn’t like.

My DH used hot glue on the couple of needles that pulled out of the cable and they’ve been fine ever since. Both times this happened was when I was working on a sweater and pulling on the needle/cable harder because of all the stitches so now I’m ore careful, too. Those are the only problems I’ve had in more than a year that I’ve owned them.

Again it’s apples and oranges…both are good, just not to everyone’s liking. :wink:

I wonder if some plumber’s tape wouldn’t help keep those needles on. You know, the stuff they put on threads of pipes to keep them from coming apart. It’s basically the same thing you need to keep your needles on and it would just take a tiny bit for a needle.

You can get that at hardware stores for pennies for a small roll.

India? I thought they were made in Germany…?

Suzeeq, I could’ve sworn I read on the KP site that they’re manufactured in India. I thought Addis were made in Germany?

ETA: I just checked their website and they are indeed made in India, but they also have manufacturing in Peru and Italy, too (last sentence on this page):


Since they were licensed from KnitPro, I thought they were also made in Germany.

Boye was the first circ I tried and I hated them. Thanks for the suggestion though.

I know what you mean. I love the slickness of the Options but the constant, repeated cable issues have just put me off of them. Probably for good.

I agree about the “man hands” thing. As for glue, for what I paid for these things I shouldn’t have to glue them just to use them for what they’re intended for. It’s just a bad design, or bad manufacturing. Either way I’ve decided they just aren’t worth the money or aggravation.

I’m also re-thinking the Addi Click set, since they’ve now got extra cables, cable extenders, etc. Well, mainly also because I may be in Germany soon and will be able to buy them a great deal less expensively than in the US or the UK.

Heigh ho, it’s a never-ending story, really! :slight_smile: I suppose I like it that way!

Sorry to here about your cables… I don’t have any suggestions but I was fascinated at the fact that I read another one of your posts not so long ago that sounded the same as this… It must be time to try something new :slight_smile:

PS. the hiya hiyas have metal and wood interchangeables and seem to be available in N.Am… Good luck!

After a couple of years of love, my Options cables have just started pulling out of the fittings. I’m exploring my glue options but I’m worried about excess glue snagging my yarn.
I couldn’t go with anything else but Addis though, and they are $$$!