February 2019 Whatcha' Knitting?


Hi im knitting along style jacket and i have just one more sleeve to do i put it down for awhile it is dark colour and it is reckoning my eyes


And i didn’t tink that dress could get any cuter! That’s a lovely outfit.


It can be difficult working on dark yarn without strong light. Sunlight is very hepful as is a lamp like the Ott light or similar lamps.


Just finished the hoodie for younger g’son and finished the green one for his sister a few days ago, only another 2 possibly 3 to go (depending on the whims of eldest g’daughter!! thankfully, eldest 2 g’sons no longer wear woollies, phew!!)
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You are in high productivity mode and each sweater is beautiful. Love the colors!


Thank you salmonmac, they’re in super chunky so very quick knits. More time is spent on working out the different stitch counts, incs&decs etc. than on knitting


Those are awesome! Your grandkids will love them!


I just finished a self designed dice bag (for my daughter’s D&D or other role playing games). The double moss stitch simulated dragon scales. I used my own modification of Judy’s magic cast on with two circular needles to prevent ladder gaps on the “edges”.

The finished bag is 6.25 inches wide (16cm) and 7 inches (17cm) tall.

She is also a Harry Potter fan.


Wonderful gift and so useful. Very nicely done. Do you ever think about writing up a pattern like this for Ravelry?