February 2019 Whatcha' Knitting?


Moving on to the second month of 2019 already! What’s on the needles and what projects have you completed? We love to see them, knitting and crochet too.


Working on my first sweater!
Flora Cardigan by Willow and Lark


I guess I’m a designer? I rarely do patterns. This is made up as I go. Haven’t done color work for years. The decreases are the worst part.


Vanessa, and miss lady( I can’t call you fat old lady, sorry) you are amazing! Beautiful knitting!



Cables on the Catwalk from Annie’s


Wow, gorgeous projects to get February off to an exciting start. They are inspirations for stranded knitting and designer cables.


I finished a tribute shawl for Mmario/ Leo Pola a very talented and prolific ravelry designer who passed away suddenly after Xmas. He made lace knitting fun and he will be greatly missed. This is his Yleonore Sampler shawl :angel:t2:


An exquisite tribute, too. You have made so many lovely examples of lace knitting and we enjoy seeing each new one. Lovely!


That is fantastic to see. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful colors and patterns.


That is beautiful! I love the fair isle and the pastel colors!


I just finished this ten stitch zig zag blanket and want to add an icord border. I’m having issues with show through under the stitches when I’m attaching the I cord to the blanket. If anyone has a magic trick or link to a good tip I would be ever so grateful!


That’s a gorgeous 10-stitch, GG! I wonder if you made a simple chain stitch border in the I-cord color would that solve the problem of show through?


Thank you Salmonmac, I thought about that too then I found a video that showed a different twist than the ones I viewed on you tube and it seems to work. It’s taking time to finish but Ithink it will be worth it in the long run.


Looking forward to seeing the finished blanket and the edging you’ve worked out.


These mittens are called Jorid’s Christmas Heart and were knit with Dale Garn Baby Ull. Didn’t quite make it for Christmas but they’ll be warm and toasty for Valentine’s Day.


Finished with the icord border on my ten stitch blanket, wow that was a lot of work! The blanket was made with Bernat blanket yarn which is super chunky and I used about 6 large balls. The size turned out to be 53"x73" using US 15 needles. Over all I’m happy with it and I learned a thing or two about applied icord. now on to the next project :hugs:


Just finished a little pinafore dress for g’daughter in Crofter DK baby fairisle yarn.


Oh my, what an adorable dress! This is what the well-dressed little girl is going to be wearing. She will look even sweeter in it, I’m sure. Lovely.


Thought I’d add a little jacket to go with the pinafore dress. Its a free Rowan pattern called Elly by Martin Storey. Its meant to be 12 month size but looks as though it will fit a 2 yr old!! It will fit her eventually :smile: