February 2017 What'cha Knitting?

@amy, @Jan_in_CA Here we go into February 2017 already!


Thanks for starting the thread, Mary Anne!

Socks, finished my hat just in time so I won’t have to be reading a color chart with the decreases off my phone at infusion tomorrow. But the hat only took 2 hanks and I bought 8 so I’ll be making more similar because I don’t think the alpaca will hold up to being socks, it could barely hold up to my rough finger tips.

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Tried one version of tubular cast on yesterday. It looks good, but doing it this method may not work for me as written. We’ll see.

ETA: Okay here’s the tubular cast on video I used. I joined after knitting a row to knit in the round. The problem I found was when you cast on half the stitches then pick up the purl bumps to make your needed stitch count (80 in my case) the cast on edge while stretchy just doesn’t fit an adult head. I guess this hat will be for a child? I don’t know we’ll see when it’s done.

I like this cast on but I use the longtail tubular like this.
I’ve only used it for 1x1 rib so far.

Thank you, I’ll look at that!

ETA: Okay, checked out that method and I think I can do that. I’ll just need to keep that handy till I remember that first part of the cast on. Thanks for sharing it!

Just finished this for 2017 bbpc challenge :slight_smile: while I love the dark red Artesano I’m not over fond of the Chroma I used with it, but it’s done!! Cast on for the next challenge which is an entrelac scarf. I’ve never made anything in entrelac before,so it’s another first for me.Will let you know how I get on with it either way lol

eta: please excuse the messy field behind my washing line - it’s not our garden!!


Wow! That is beautiful!!

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Thank you Jan x

Oh, notknittingknots, that’s gorgeous! It’s a work of art.
I like working entrelac. It’ should be fun trying it for the first time. You may even learn to knit backwards!

btw: what’s bbpc?

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Thank you x I’m finding entrelac a bit confusing so far,but I’ve only done the first bit after the base triangles. I’m sure it will get easier with time. Bbpc stands for British banter project challenge,sorry.

Entrelac was faster once I figured out how to knit backwards. How? I don’t really remember :slight_smile: but it involved plucking the yarn over the needle (possibly the wrong needle) with the wrong hand.

Still working on the Doctor Who scarf. I’ve passed the halfway point. Will post a picture when I’m finished. Still looking for a place to block it.

I had to learn to knit backwards for the bobbles I made on a shawl just after Christmas. With 311 stitches, I was not about to turn the whole thing around twice for only 3 stitches and and then do 15 repeats. Learning to knit backwards was a lifesaver on that row! It still needs blocking–trying to find a good location. I have 6 cats who have to explore everything. The last sweater I tried blocking at home ended up in a crumpled and snagged mess half in/half out of a litterbox. It ended up in the trash when I couldn’t get the clay or the smell out of it.

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That was my thinking. I would spend more time turning than knitting. There had to be a better way.

My last cast on for the moment - I’m getting annoyed with having tonnes of WIPs all over the place! So I must finish Springbok and Minions at the very least, and ideally knit the other Morphology mitt before starting anything else!
Maris Stella Lace Shawl

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OMG… I probably have a dozen (or more) UFOs. I need to clean up my yarn/library/office room. I’ve at least got an empty box in there now so that’s a start. lol

Pretty shawl!

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Some knitters find too many wips on the go too chaotic and too daunting Evie, maybe you are like that and need to keep your wip tally low to be able to be productive. Try putting everything but one wip away out of sight somewhere and see if it makes a difference.
I’m like Jan,with about a dozen active wip at the moment. I’ve had to use some vintage needles to start this latest project !! lol,but I love looking at the chaos and swapping wip as and when the fancy takes me☺

Don’t apologise, notknittingknots! When I scrolled down at first I thought the whole picture was meant as an art work depicting Downland fields. Then I saw the pegs but that just adds a slightly surreal edge to it.


Thank you Mike but I think I’ll stick with all the turning just now - I’m confused enough without having to think about backwards knitting as well lol :slight_smile: