Feather/fan pattern


I am having trouble with SSK and p2sso in the pattern I have.
I got the pattern for a shawl at the “yarn converntion” in Atlantic City, NJ last Sept. 27th and still cannot do the pattern. I have other feather and lace patterns but this one is different.

Main pattern: Right Side K3*(yo,k1)twice, yo, (SSK)twice, sl 2 tog as if to K, K1, p2sso, (K2tog)twice, (yo, K1) three times, * repeat to last three stiches, (K3).
I come out short several stitches 102 original cast on

Please help: merid45@yahoo.com

I need it broken down literly in words!!!Thanks Meri

What exactly are you not clear on?

You should have 16 stitches in each pattern repeat after doing the required stitches. What are you getting?