Feather and Fan

I love this pattern and have tried so many times to make this shwal! My question is…there are a total of 126 stitches. The 1st row is knit, 2nd row is purl, on the 3rd row of the pattern, you k2tog, 3 times, yok1, 6 times to the end. When I get to the 4th row, which is knit all stitches…I end up with 153 stitches!! It keeps getting bigger…how do I keep the same amount of stitches through out the pattern??
Thank You!

I think you’re missing a repeat of k2tog 3 time. Feather and fan is often k2tog 3x, (yo k1) 6 times, k2tog 3x. That way the 6 increases or yo’s are balanced by 6 decreases or k2togs.

The pattern as you give it will gain stitches. Salmonmac is right, something is amiss here, either the pattern or the way you are interpreting it. k2tog 3x, (yo k1) 6 times, k2tog 3x. If you do it that way you’ll start with 3 and end with 3 but you repeat the whole works and that puts 6 k2togs across all the middle part to keep the stitch count even.

I will try this and see if I can do it:) I appreciate it!!

Thanks to everyone who replied!! I got it…yayyyy so glad I found this site! I was reading the pattern wrong :yay: