Feather and Fan wrap

This was my first lace pattern. It took a couple of months not just because I kept messing up but also the yarn was kind of expensive ($6.00 a skein which is a lot for me) so I could only really work on it when the yarn was on sale, but it was worth it. It’s perfect for cool summer nights and it’s just lovely. I think it took about eight skeins of Pattons Glittalic on size 13 needles.

Just beautiful!

YOur afghan came out so pretty!! I love the color too. :wink:

It’s gorgeous! :inlove:

Oh, that’s so pretty!

That is gorgeous! Great job.

Very pretty! :inlove:

I love that pattern! It’s beautiful.

:smiley: Very pretty…I love lace patterns :thumbsup:

That’s lovely, well worth the wait!

Very nice! I love the shimmer of that yarn.

Ohh! How gorgeous!

I’m making a scarf in the feather and fan lace pattern. Isn’t it fun to knit? I’m really enjoying it!

But your afghan shows the pattern so much better! Wow!

Nadja: another gorgeous FO from your hand! It looks warm and comfy for late september evenings.
I love it! :inlove:

I love this! It’s beautiful.

Beautiful! :thumbsup:

Very pretty! I love the Glittalic yarns, and that stitch pattern sets the yarn off so nicely. :smiley:

Its just gorgeous!! :inlove: :inlove:

It looks so soft & beautiful. Great job!! :happydance:

I LOVE THIS SITE!!! :heart: You ladys are the best!!! I’m going to make another one for my Christmas Gift bag (it’ll probably go to my mom).


So pretty!