Feather and fan scarf questions

I am getting ready to start a feather and fan scarf. But I have a few questions after looking at several different patterns.
And the pictures in the patterns just arent very clear.
Some of the patterns are all knit (no purl row on row 2). And the pictures as I said, are very unclear. Do you lose the lace without the purl row and have it all be garter ribs around the lace holes?
If you do not put garter edges does feather and fan edges roll?
How many edge stitchs (or do you slip stitches?) do you recommand if it does roll?

Will the bind off edge match the bind on edge of I do 5 rows of garter or so on both?


I don’t think you’d lose the lace affect of the F&F if you did it all garter, but most of the F&F I’ve seen was a mixture of knit rows and purl rows often 3 rows of knit and 1 of purl and then repeated. It may curl a bit but the afghans I’ve seen done this way have garter at the ends but not on the sides so maybe it isn’t a problem since some of it is garter. I don’t know if the cast on, and bind offs will match perfectly. I suppose it depends on which ones you use. I usually use a long tail cast on and a standard bind off, they may not be a perfect match, but they look fine to me.