Feather and fan help

Hi all.

I am actually doing 2 F&F projects at the moment, but only having trouble with one of them, the baby blanket. It’s done with 2 strands of DK held together on size 11’s. I’m noticing on the WS of the work, the K2tog are causing these unsightly little loopy things. They’re pretty subtle, but to my overly-critical-of-my-knitting eye, it’s causing me duress. First, is this normal? I’m not noticing it on the shawl. Next, is it okay because it’s the WS? It really doesn’t look BAD, it’s just bothering me. Last, if it bothers me so much that I want to line it, is this foolish because it might ruin the look of the F&F stitch pattern (and because lining is over my head)?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

The back side is never as pretty as the front. You could try to knit 2 tog through the back loop and see if that’s acceptable for the front and back sides. I think the blame mainly lies in the size of the needles. You could try to line it, but I’ve never done that because it involves [size=2]sewing.[/size]