Feather and Fan Blanket

HI everyone.
Here is a feather fan blanket i have made for a friends baby.
I really enjoyed doing it . It was a fantastic Knit.
I would like to say thanks to Limey for her input and help with this project :muah:
[B][I]Happy Easter Everyone :hug: [/I][/B]

That is beautiful Rita, love the colour. Your friend will be very happy to receive it.

Thanks so much Sue . I know her little boy will love it and i know that everything i have made and given my friend has been appreciated and used which is really great .:slight_smile:

Beautiful blanket Rita.

It is so pretty, Rita and as usual, you’ve done a super nice job on it. Don’tcha just love fan an feather?

Thank you Mary :slight_smile: It is the first time i have doen fan and feather but i think i am totally hooked lol :slight_smile:

Wow that is one gorgeous blanket Rita. I LOVE it! The colour is great too. That is one lucky little fellow, getting such a fabulous Easter gift.

Happy Easter to you and yours as well!!

Thank you my friend . I love the colour too. As the baby is 9 months old i did not want a baby blue and this turned out very nice.:hug:

Just gorgeous!

Very nice and beautiful color. I love baby stuff.

OOOH! That is fabby! The colour is gorgeous :heart:

Looks beautiful…great color!

Happy Easter! :muah:

It’s really beautiful! What a lucky baby :woot:

:woot: It looks wonderful!! You did a great job!!

Wow Rita the blanket is beautiful.Your work is amazing!!!

Thank you so much . Your work is just as lovely :slight_smile:

Rita, that is just gorgeous! I am always in awe of your work.:woot:

Wonderful! Love feather and fan.

A beautiful blanket, could be a terrific candidate for a Linus blankie!

Thanks so much :slight_smile:
What is a Linus Blanket ?