Feather and Fan afghan/throw question

I am going to be making a Feather and fan throw based sort of on the pattern on Knitpicks. I am double stranding it with Merino Style and Suri Dream though. I think I have decided that I am going to do it on 11s because, while I like the airiness of the 13s I think the 11s just seem to swatch into a better fabric. Now this pattern only has one stitch on each end for selvidge and no border on the ends. what i can’t decide is if it is better to add more stitches to the border or not. I saw one on CPY that had a 10 stitch border i believe (or five? can’t remember for sure at the moment) that seems to lay flatter. I am just not sure which is better since I am using thicker yarn.

Any opinions? Border or no Border?

Hmmmm, I haven’t done a whole lot with feather and fan but I did do a dishcloth once and it layed flat as flat can be. Curling wasn’t an issue at all. All it had was a 2 stitch garter border.

I did a baby blanket with that pattern. I think my border was about 5 or 6 stitches.
Afghan Border
Completed Afghan

oh no it isn’t curling i am worried about. i am wondering more about pretty edges and all that. as i think about it, i really like the sort of scalloped edge you get on the bottom with no border and the one on CPY didn’t seem to have that. Maybe do a three stitch selvidge to keep it somewhat uniform with the pattern and have a stitch i can slip for a prettier edge… :thinking:

Wow!!! just viewed your baby blanket and it is beautiful!!! Super job!!! :hug:

oooh i missed your response Sandy. That is gorgeous… now i hafta think some more… maybe i will play with what i have at home and see how i like it.

Thanks, my friends! I was so proud of it when it was completed. :hug: