Fear of Eyelash Yarn!

I bought a big bag of eyelash yarn at a yard sale for a quarter. I want to make a patchwork tube pillow for our daughter for Christmas, by knitting-in-the round, then stuffing it and tying off the ends. My problem is that I’ve never worked with eyelash yarn and I don’t think I can rip it out and start over if I goof it up the first time. Any advice for a newbie eyelasher?

The biggest help I can give is to strand it with a regular yarn. That way you can still see the individual stitches on your needle. You can pick something that matches, or contrasts, either way it looks good and will alleviate major frustrations.

Ooo, great idea. Thanks. I have all sorts of small quantities of fine yarns I could mix with it. I think I’ll go play, now.