Favourite tip or technique that you learned this year

The best technique that I learned this year was a new method to join a long-tail cast-on invisibly (to work in the round). It is a little awkward the first couple of times, but I’ve memorised it now, and I’m really not good at memorising things, so I promise it’s not too hard.

It’s the same principle whether you are using DPNs, magic loop, or plain circular, but the video handily shows all three. (You may also need a spare needle to assist in slipping stitches.)

If you want to read a bit of background from Assia Brill, the knitter, the full blog entry is here:

But the video shows everything quite clearly on its own.

What was your favourite or most useful discovery of the year?


Thank You For sharing the Info!


Provisional cast on using a crochet hook. I found it a bit daunting at first but once I got the hang of it, it was easy.


I’ve got to try that one again! I got impatient with myself because I was clumsy with the crochet hook and manipulating the yarn.

Did you use it on a particular project?

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Yes I made 4 Gaca Beanies as extra Christmas presents for my two sisters and their partners


Mine is also crochet hook provisional cast on!


Great question. I was dissatisfied with my German short rows so I tried yo short rows and shadow wraps. Both are very nice techniques.

I’m also fascinated by this double increase although I’ve yet to use it in a project.


Ooh, that increase looks very nice. No holes!

Perhaps it would work nicely on a sleeve knitted in the round. Or to create subtle raglan lines.

Edited to add: or on contiguous sleeves.

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I just finished a hat. It’s my first time knitting in the round and also first using dpn. I actually thought it quite fun to do. I also needed markers but didn’t have any big enough so I used mini rubber bands that are used for a young child ( they are only maybe 1/2 inch diameter). Worked perfectly and you can buy a small bag of multi colors for minimal cost.


I learned so much this year I couldn’t list it all. One thing I love and have used many times is the Icelandic bind off, and more recently a matching cast on. So pretty, I just love the edge it makes.

But the most influential tip I discovered this year was finding and using this wonderful forum (and the many video tutorials so many people have kindly produced). Being able to ask for help and get an answer has had a huge effect on my ability to knit, confidence to take on projects with techniques I’ve never tried before, and raising my skill level.
I am sooooo grateful.
Thank you all here who are so friendly and welcoming and to those who keep the site clean and respectful.


I will second what creations said. I’ve only been knitting a year. So I’ve learned a lot. But I can attribute a lot of what I’ve learned to the comments on this website. Even if it’s over my head at this stage of my knitting, I pick up information for future use. There are obviously many knowledgeable people here with years of experience so willing to help us newbies. I have never been made to feel uncomfortable for any question I have asked. The responses are given with absolute graciousness and brimming with lots of helpful suggestions. Thanks to all.


I am a novice knitter and have been wanting to try/learn some new things and this is the perfect place. CREATIONS said it best–great forum. Everyone is so helpful!!


I am a long term knitter that has really want to become better in the last few years ( see my name I learned to knit with my child when she was 5 she is 24 now and a really good knitter)
She is also better at problem solving so is un afraid of patterns, and I am all like oh I don’t know how to do that I better not try that.
So that was my goal this year but Covid and other stress , I have not :disappointed:. But maybe in 2022 oh that is fun to type 2022​:champagne::clinking_glasses::two_hearts::confetti_ball::tada:🪅
Happy New Years All


Looks beautiful! I will definitely try this next time!

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